How Song Kang became the ‘son of Netflix’: the K-drama king starred in Love Alarm, Sweet Home and Navillera – now he’s back in Nevertheless alongside Han So-hee

South Korea’s Song Kang has enjoyed a string of roles in K-dramas on Netflix including Love Alarm and is now appearing in Nevertheless. Photo: @namooactors/Instagram

As of June 2021, South Korea’s Song Kang has played leading roles in three Netflix original series, all of which were international hits, leaving a mark on audiences all over the world. But there is even more to come from this 27-year-old, with new romance K-drama Nevertheless now hitting screens, likely to ensure his current reign as a king of K-drama will continue. 

Read on for six things you need to know about him …

He has a great physique

Song Kang at the gym. Photo: @song_kLUV/Twitter

At 185cm tall with broad shoulders with a radiant smile, Song has won the hearts of many fans. Not only does he have the gift of his gymnast father’s genes, he also enjoys working out to the extent that, according to Zula, he was actually too fit for his Sweet Home role and needed to shed some muscle.

His role model is Leonardo DiCaprio

Song Kang. Photo: @namooactors/Instagram

Like many high school graduates, Song was unsure what he wanted to do with his life when he finished school. But he mentioned in multiple interviews with the press that he set his sights on pursuing an acting career after being inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.

He turned down offers from K-pop agencies 


Before his 2017 debut in the K-drama The Liar and His Lover, Zula also reports that many agencies suggested he become a K-pop idol instead an actor because of his model-like figure and aura. Despite such offers, Song followed his passion and worked to become an actor.


He rose to stardom through the Netflix original drama Love Alarm

Korean actor Song Kang in Netflix original drama Love Alarm. Photo: @songkang_b/Instagram
One of 900 people who auditioned for the role, Song was chosen to play the main character, Hwang Sun-oh, in the 2019 Netflix original drama Love Alarm. Playing a character unafraid to express his feelings for a girl he likes, played by Kim So-hyun, he became instantly popular with audiences.
Following the success of the first season of Love Alarm, Song starred in Sweet Home and Navillera, as well as the second season of Love Alarm, all of which aired on Netflix, leading to him being subsequently nicknamed “the son of Netflix”.

He’s introverted

Korean actor Song Kang. Photo: @songkang_b/Instagram

Unlike the character he played in the Love Alarm series, Song described himself to Forbes as a timid, introverted person.

He is starring in Nevertheless

2021 has already been a busy year for Song, but there is more good news for fans: Song has returned with a new drama, Nevertheless, an adaptation of a Korean webtoon of the same name. He plays the role of Park Jae-eon, a college student, with the drama centred on the story of his entanglement with Yoo Na-bi, played by Han So-hee, another rising star from the drama The World of the Married. Nevertheless premiered on June 19 on the Korean channel JTBC, with episodes also available on Netflix.

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  • In JTBC’s Nevertheless, he plays a university student entangled with Yoo Na-bi, played by Han So-hee, a rising star from the drama The World of the Married
  • Inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio in Hollywood film Titanic, he turned down a K-pop idol career and was chosen out of 900 people who auditioned for Love Alarm