6 British royals turned authors, from Meghan Markle’s bestselling children’s tale and Kate Middleton’s photo book to Sarah Ferguson’s Mills & Boon novel

Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, Prince Charles and Sarah Ferguson are four British royals to have published books. Photos: @dukeandduchessofcambridge; @sussexroyal/Instagram, @ClarenceHouse; @Daily_Express/Twitter

Members of the British royal family have been the subject of many books, novels and articles, but did you know quite a few of them have put pen to paper, and published a number of works of their own? Here are a few of those who have joined one of the most exclusive authors’ circles there is.

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Meghan Markle: setting the benchmark

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, leaves after meeting academics and students at the University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa, in October 2019. Photo: Reuters
New mum Meghan Markle recently chronicled her experience of the relationship between and a father and a young son in her book, The Bench. Published in June of this year, her book received mixed reviews. Some reviewers said the book had “a good story” with “soft rhymes and gentle watercolours”; others criticised the grammar and “extremely disjointed” writing.

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The cover of The Bench by Meghan Markle. Photo:

Despite the negative reviews, however, The Bench gained a place on The New York Times’ bestseller list as well as ranking at No 3 on Amazon’s bestseller list and No 1 in their Children’s Emotions category.

“While this poem began as a love letter to my husband and son, I’m encouraged to see that its universal themes of love, representation and inclusivity are resonating with communities everywhere,” Markle said in a statement.

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Prince Charles: a surprisingly good children’s novelist

Britain’s Prince Charles in Deeside, Wales, in July 2021. Photo: Reuters
Prince Charles is a man of many layers, including being a prolific writer. In fact, the future monarch could almost fill a library with a collection of his works alone. He has published books on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from his garden at Highgrove and architecture, to climate change and his personal paintings.
The cover of The Old Man of Lochnagar by Prince Charles. Photo:

Perhaps surprisingly to some, Prince Charles wrote a children’s book in 1980, The Old Man of Lochnagar. The story was created by the prince years earlier to entertain his younger brothers, Andrew and Edward, and went on to be turned into a short animated film and a musical stage production.

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Sarah, Duchess of York: from Budgie to Mills & Boon

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, arrives at St Mary Magdalene and St Lawrence Church in Davington, Kent in April 2014. Photo: AFP Photo

Fergie, as she is affectionately known, has reinvented herself a number of times since leaving the inner circle of the royal family, and one of these incarnations is as a The New York Times bestselling author. Her Budgie the Helicopter series was a hit worldwide, and she has also written a number of memoirs, most notably Finding Sarah, and an historical romance novel, Her Heart for a Compass, published by Mills & Boon and Harper Collins this year.

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The cover of Her Heart for a Compass by Sarah, Duchess of York. Photo:

She dropped a video teaser in January for the book, wearing period costume – Fergie certainly throws herself into her projects!

Princess Michael of Kent: rotten tomatoes

Princess Michael of Kent. Photo: @europe_royal/Instagram.

The glamorous 76-year-old wife of Queen Elizabeth’s first cousin is the author of three non-fiction titles (including The Serpent and The Moon, which is tantalisingly cited as “a true story of love and betrayal in a royal family”) as well as the Anjou Trilogy, The Queen Of Four Kingdoms, Agnès Sorel: Mistress of Beauty and Quicksilver.

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The cover of The Queen of Four Kingdoms by Princess Michael of Kent. Photo:

While the latter received generally favourable reviews on Amazon, one eagle-eyed reader picked up an historical inaccuracy regarding the eruption of Mt Vesuvius: “When the lava flow is compared to tomato sauce. Tomatoes were not available until the Spanish brought them back from the Americas much later and were not widely eaten until much later as people thought they were poisonous.” Even the royals can’t please all people, all the time!

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Prince Philip: wielding the riding crop

Britain’s Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, waves as he is discharged from the King Edward VII hospital in central London, June 2012. Photo: EPA-EFE
The late Prince Philip, who passed away earlier this year, also published a number of titles, including a book on Sandringham House and Down to Earth: Speeches and Writings of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Another book that speaks to the duke’s no-nonsense attitude and interests is his technical book Driving and Judging Dressage, in which he discusses the ins and outs of the equestrian sport.
The cover of Driving and Judging Dressage by Prince Philip. Photo:

Kate Middleton: Britain’s photographer royal

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, shows off her jewellery on a night out. Photo: @StyleExec/Twitter
Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, is famous for her love of photography, so it was no surprise when she was appointed as director of the National Portrait Gallery’s photo project, Hold Still: A Portrait of Our Nation in 2020, seeking to capture scenes depicting the lockdown in Great Britain.

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The cover of Hold Still: A Portrait of Our Nation in 2020 by Kate Middleton. Photo:

The coffee table book, with a foreword by Kate, was released in May 2021 and collates 100 images that were selected as best reflecting the project’s aims.

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  • Prince Charles came up with the story The Old Man of Lochnagar to entertain brothers Andrew and Edward – now it’s a children’s book, animated film and musical