Real Housewives of Potomac’s net worths, ranked: Karen Huger, Gizelle Bryant, Wendy Osefo, Candiace Dillard ... which RHOP season 6 cast member is the richest?

The cast of RHOP in all their glitzy glory. Photo: @rhopobsessed/Instagram

Ever since its 2016 debut, The Real Housewives of Potomac has catapulted its cast of fierce and fabulous women into reality TV superstardom. The show is the eighth iteration of the popular American reality TV franchise and showcases the lives, loves, triumphs and shenanigans of a group of housewives living in and around Potomac, Maryland, an area close to Washington, D.C.

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Among the franchise’s avid aficionados, the unofficial verdict is that Potomac is currently the best Housewives series on air. This well-deserved distinction is in no small part thanks to the cast’s signature sass, singular charm and effortless ability to produce some of the quickest and funniest quips in reality TV history.

These seven glamorous Potomac ladies have become our favourite Rich Housewives of all. Photo: @bravorhop/Instagram

Furthermore, the Potomac ladies, unlike some housewives from other cities, show an authenticity and willingness to tackle some deep and personal matters that has surely increased their likeability … and the show’s ratings.

A throwback to when the cast of RHOP went on a girl’s trip to Portugal, snapping pictures and sharing them with their followers. Photo: Real Housewives of Potomac/Facebook

But who is the wealthiest of this bold bunch of beauties? We take a look at the current cast’s estimated net worths, according to the stats nerds on the world wide web.

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Karen Huger: Estimated US$10 million

Karen is known for her one-liners on the show, and is the self proclaimed “Grand Dame” of RHOP. Photo: @officialkarenhuger/Instagram

While Karen is well known for her razor sharp tongue and meme worthy one-liners, her estimated net worth of US$10 million additionally ranks her as the wealthiest housewife of the series.

The self-proclaimed “Grand Dame” of Potomac is married to Ray Huger, a successful tech entrepreneur who Karen has referred to as the “Black Bill Gates” and is reportedly worth US$40 million.

Karen has used her new-found fame to launch a fragrance called La’ Dame. Photo: Real Housewives of Potomac/Facebook

While the couple has endured some major tax-related money woes in recent years, their net worth is still reported to be the highest of the group. Evidently an opportunist, Huger has also made the most of her reality TV fame and launched her own fragrance line, La’ Dame Fragrance by Karen Huger.

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Ashley Darby: Estimated US$5 million

Ashley is married to Australian real estate millionaire Michael Darby whom she once ran a restaurant with. Photo:@ashleyboalchdarby/Instagram

Married to Australian businessman and real estate millionaire Michael Darby, the former beauty pageant winner and mother-of-two young boys co-opened and ran Oz, a Washington restaurant that specialised in authentic Australian cuisine.


Although the couple have since closed the doors on Oz, their accumulated wealth is still impressive. Michael is said to be worth a reported US$20 million.

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Mia Thornton: Estimated US$5 million

Mia is the newest cast member to RHOP and owns 10 branches of a successful chiropractic firm, among other businesses. Photo: @mrs.miathornton/Instagram

Though she’s only just joined the show, there’s no denying that newbie housewife Mia is a “certified boss” – both in terms of her powerhouse presence as well as her professional accomplishments. Owner of 10 franchises of The Joint Chiropractic, a chain of chiropractic clinics across multiple states in America, Thornton is also the founder, owner and CEO of Amilleon London, an online shopping boutique.

Her other brand, Amilleon London, sells everything from cruelty free beauty products to sassy slogan candles. Photo:@mrs.miathornton/Instagram

The cosmetics company was inspired by Mia’s passion for empowering women and her desire to create a line of cosmetics that is paraben and cruelty free. Mia’s personal net worth is said to be around US$5 million as a result of her various projects.

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Candiace Dillard: Estimated US$4.5 million

Not only did Candiace win the title of Miss USA, among others, but she also runs a pageant consulting business. Photo:@candeegal09/Instagram

Having joined the show in its third season, Candiace boasts an estimated net worth of US$4.5 million. Her outspoken mum and the family’s finances have featured prominently during Candiace’s storyline on the show.

Few realise that Candiace also worked as a staffer on Obama’s re-election campaign. Photo: @candeegal09/Instagram

But while the former Miss United States winner’s affluence has certainly been bolstered by her family’s fortune, the former Obama campaign staffer, actor and aspiring singer also co-founded a hair extensions brand and acts as the CEO of her own pageant consulting business. Impressive!

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Gizelle Bryant: Estimated US$4 million

Despite splitting from her celebrity pastor husband in 2009, Gizelle attempted to rekindle her relationship with him earlier this year. Photo:@gizellebryant/Instagram

Gizelle Bryant is reported to have a net worth of some US$4 million. The OG Potomac housewife hails from a prominent political family and was also married to celebrity pastor Jamal Bryant. The couple’s relationship has been heavily featured in the show, forming a major focal point of Bryant’s storyline.

Gizelle has launched her own make-up line and written a book. Photo: @gizellebryant/Instagram

In addition to her personal dramas, Gizelle is also known for launching her own make-up line, EveryHue Beauty, and releasing her first novel, My Word, in 2019, as well as her philanthropic projects.

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Robyn Dixon: US$3 million

Robyn is one of the four original cast members of RHOP and remains married to former NBA player Juan Dixon. Photo: @robyndixon10/Instagram

The final of the four OG cast mates still on the show, Robyn is married to former NBA star Juan Dixon. Even though the show has put a spotlight on the couple’s financial struggles, the former basketball wife is said to be worth a not-too-shabby US$3-million.

Dixon recently launched a range of satin-lined fashion caps under the brand name Embellished. Photo: Real Housewives of Potomac/Facebook

Robyn has enjoyed a successful career in PR and events and has used her prominence on the show to launch Embellished, a line of satin-lined caps.

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Wendy Osefo: US$1.5 million

Nigerian-American Wendy Osefo holds multiple degrees and is easily the most academically accomplished of all the housewives. Photo: Real Housewives of Potomac/Facebook

Currently starring in her second season, proud Nigerian-American Wendy Osefo clearly knows the meaning of hard work, having achieved considerable success in a variety of fields.

She’s an accomplished academic and Johns Hopkins University professor holding multiple degrees, including a PhD in public affairs and community development.

Despite growing up with a single immigrant mother in Maryland, Osefo is now thought to be worth US$1.5 million. Photo: @wendyosefo/Instagram

She’s also a political analyst and commentator regularly appearing on major news networks, as well as an award-winning researcher, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Thanks to her various professional endeavours, Osefo has grown a personal fortune worth an estimated US$1.5 million.

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  • Gizelle Bryant’s influential family gave her a head start in life, while Wendy Osefo regularly appears as a political commentator on CNN
  • Robyn Dixon, who’s married to a former NBA star, makes a living through PR and events, and academic former Miss USA Candiace Dillard worked for Barack Obama