Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast net worths, ranked: Jen Shah, Meredith Marks, Whitney Rose … which cast member has the most millions to splash?

Catch the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City in their upcoming second season. Photo: Real Housewives of Salt Lake City/Facebook

Hot off the stilettoed heels of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s 2020 debut, fans are eagerly awaiting the second season of reality TV show’s latest iteration. Season 2’s highly anticipated first episode is scheduled to grace the airwaves on September 12, and if the preview is anything to go by, viewers are in for an entertaining yet explosive journey.

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The ladies of RHOSLC gathered together for a picture. Photo: @HeathersGaysGay/Twitter

Set in the picturesque, snow-capped town of Salt Lake City, the show follows the lives of and drama between seven of the most fabulous and fascinating residents of the Utah capital. Though not all of the castmates are devotees of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (or Mormon church), the American state of Utah is predominantly Mormon. As such, the religion adds a singular flavour to the show, specifically in the context of the entire Housewives franchise. Besides the religion’s impact on the cast’s storylines, the show exudes the quintessential combination of drama and comedy, in turn catapulting its cast into reality TV stardom.

A photo of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast in season one. Photo: @mary_m_cosby/Instagram

The Housewives appear to live the most glamorous of lives, but which of these ladies ranks on top in terms of wealth? We take a closer look at their individual estimated net worths, as calculated by the celeb watchers at The Cinemaholic.

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Lisa Barlow: US$5 million

Aside from her successful tequila brand, Lisa’s marketing company Luxe is also highly profitable. Photo: @lisabarlow14/Instagram

Taking top spot is Lisa Barlow. The passionate wife and mother of two boys is also the owner of a hugely successful tequila brand, Vida, as well as a marketing company called Luxe.

Lisa considers herself as “Mormon 2.0” for not adhering to all the traditional Mormon rules. Photo: @lisabarlow14/Instagram

Lisa’s profitable business ventures have translated into big earnings, with her estimated net worth sitting at a cool US$5 million.

Mary Cosby: US$5 million

Mary married her step-grandfather to inherit her family’s church and fortune. Photo: @mary_m_cosby/Instagram

With an estimated fortune of US$5 million, Mary M. Cosby secures a place at the top end of the list. And of all the housewives, not just in Salt Lake City but arguably across the entire franchise, Mary has one of the most fascinating personal stories.

Mary Cosby inherited her family’s empire of churches, restaurants and more. Photo: @mary_m_cosby/Instagram

After her grandmother – the matriarch of her affluent family – passed away, Mary inherited the family’s empire, which includes churches, restaurants and several homes and other businesses. However, to be eligible to inherit the multimillion dollar fortune, Mary’s grandmother stipulated that her granddaughter marry her husband, i.e. Mary’s step-grandfather, Robert Cosby senior

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Whitney Rose: US$3 million

Whitney left the Mormon church after her affair with her boss as well as divorcing her first husband. Photo: @whitneywildrose/Instagram

Divorce is taboo within the Mormon church. That’s why after divorcing her first husband and marrying her boss at the time, with whom she was having an affair, Whitney Rose parted ways with the Mormon church.

Whitney’s skincare line Iris+Beau is cruelty free. Photo: @irisandbeau/Instagram

Fast forward over a decade later and the Salt Lake City stunner is said to have amassed a personal fortune of US$3 million. She is an entrepreneur and owner of skincare line Iris+Beau.

Jen Shah: US$3 million

Jen Shah has a net worth of US$3 million. Photo: @therealjenshah/Instagram

Even though it’s been reported that Jen Shah boasts a net worth of some US$3 million, the Salt Lake City housewife’s financial and legal standing may dramatically change in the near future. Why? Undoubtedly the biggest news and scandal to come from the show’s upcoming second season is that Jen was arrested (on camera while filming with the rest of the cast) by US federal agents on allegations of major wire fraud and money laundering.

Jen was arrested during filming Real Housewives of Salt Lake City for wire fraud and money laundering. Photo: @housewivesofslc/Twitter

Jen’s wealth was presumably derived from her various business and marketing endeavours, though all of that has now been called into question due to her legal woes.

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Jennie Nguyen: US$3 million

New cast member Jennie moved to the United States as a young child. Photo: @jennienguyenluv/Instagram

Season 2 newbie Jennie Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American beauty who moved with her family to the states as a child from her native Vietnam. Reports of her personal net worth hovering around the US$3 million mark have been attributed to her career as a Salt Lake City businesswoman, formerly owning a medical spa company.

Jennie frequently updates her fans on Instagram with what she’s been getting up to at home. Photo: @jennienguyenluv/Instagram

Prior to joining the show, Nguyen had sold her business. She is married to Dr Duy Tran and the couple share three kids.

Heather Gay: US$1.7 million

Heather is the heart and soul of Beauty Lab + Laser in Salt Lake City, where she operates as a plastic surgeon. Photo:@heathergay/Instagram

As a descendant of the original Mormon pioneers, Heather Gay hails from Mormon royalty. Like her cousin and fellow cast mate, Whitney, Heather left the church after her divorce.

Beauty Lab + Laser provides services for injectables, lasers, lashes and skincare. Photo: @heathergay/Instagram

Since then she started her own business, a cosmetics and beauty treatment centre called Beauty Lab + Laser. The successful medical spa is a constant feature in Heather’s storyline and is evidently responsible for her accumulating an estimated net worth of almost US$2 million.

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Meredith Marks: US$1 million

Fans of the show will know that Meredith and Lisa’s friendship has its rocky bumps every now and again. Photo: @meredithmarks/Instagram

Although she had previously enjoyed profitable stints working in real estate, Meredith Marks found her own success by starting a self-titled, high-end jewellery line. The lucrative business has ostensibly fostered her personal wealth of an estimated US$1 million.

Meredith’s jewellery business has decorated many A-list celebrities. Photo: @meredithmarks/Instagram

In addition to her RHOSLC claim to fame, Marks also achieved prominence through her jewellery business, which has furnished pieces for an impressive list of A-list celebs like Rihanna and Charlize Theron.

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