Where is Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse superyacht now – and what’s it like? The Russian billionaire’s US$700 million vessel was the world’s biggest when it was first built

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and his US$700 million superyacht, the Eclipse. Photo: Reuters, AFP
Like other Russian oligarchs, Roman Abramovich is seemingly scrambling to avoid sanctions and that included quickly moving his superyachts to more friendly waters.
Chelsea F.C.’s Russian owner Roman Abramovich at the English Premier League football match in London. Photo: AFP

While Abramovich cannot move the Premier League football club Chelsea F.C. and must quickly sell the US$3 billion club, his yachts are another matter.

Abramovich’s 169-metre (553-foot) long flagship is The Eclipse, estimated to have cost US$700 million when built. After sanctions were initially dropped by the UK against Abramovich following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, his second “smaller” US$600 million superyacht, Solaris, left Barcelona, Spain, and moved to Montenegro. However, on March 13, the yacht then hastily left that port without refuelling and moved on to Turkey.

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Sanctioned Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse is docked in the Turkish tourist resort of Marmaris. Photo: Reuters

Solaris was joined in Turkey by the Eclipse, which arrived from the Caribbean.

Solaris, another one of Roman Abramovich’s superyachts in Turkey. Photo: Reuters

While the superyacht Eclipse is seemingly on the run from UK sanctions, it was once docked at Manhattan’s Pier 90 and we were able to get some pictures.

Take a tour of the superyacht below.

Abramovich’s flagship yacht, the Eclipse, parked in New York. Photo: Reuters

Just south of this public car park on the roof of the Pier 90 terminal in New York City sat Russian billionaire Abramovich’s flagship yacht, the Eclipse.

Styled after military vessels and 163 metres (536 feet) long, the 2010 Eclipse cost US$700 million and was the world’s largest yacht when built.

Roman Abramovich has been disqualified as Chelsea football club director after the British government sanctioned the Russian billionaire. Photo: AFP

The vessel has amenities to rival any ship on the sea – like its own mini submersible, perhaps similar to this – able to dive down 45 metres (150 feet).

The superyacht’s mini submersible. Photo: Expedition News

The Eclipse has two helipads.

One of the yacht’s helipads. Photo: Business Insider

Bulletproof glass and armour plates wrap the length of Abramovich’s master suite and the bridge.

The Eclipse is 169 metres long. Photo: Business Insider

There’s also a German-built missile defence system and, supposedly, a laser defence against paparazzi trying to photograph the yacht’s guests – though there was no evidence of the device we visited.

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The Eclipse was built for privacy and security. Photo: Business Insider

The Eclipse has three launch boats that looked to be stocked with medical supplies and a variety of handheld radios.

One of Eclipse’s launch boats. Photo: Reuters

From the cruise ship car park, it felt like they were almost on the Eclipse itself.

The yacht has a crew of 70. Photo: Business Insider

We hoped to find one of the 70 crew members required to sail the Eclipse and see if they’d share what ship life was like, but no one was interested in talking.

The Eclipse. Photo: Business Insider

The superyacht could be seen by anyone from the car park tourists use when they arrive to board their cruise. We certainly didn’t feel like paparazzi, or that we’d be lasered.

The superyacht is one of the biggest in the world. Photo: Business Insider

From our vantage point, the ship was simply stunning and the amount of work required to keep her that way apparent.

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The Yacht Report says owning a superyacht costs about 20 per cent of the ship’s initial value every year.

A Turkish Coast Guard boat drives next to Eclipse. Photo: Reuters

But experts believe that Abramovich probably pays US$75 million a year to run the private cruise ship with 24 guest suites.

The Eclipse. Photo: Business Insider

Looking at the layout of the ship gets us talking about the two swimming pools inside, the disco, cinema, hair salon and restaurant.

The deck of the Eclipse. Photo: Business Insider

The billionaire’s guests would use this door to enter any fore part of the deck.

The guest door of the yacht. Photo: Robert Johnson/Business Insider

Perhaps noting where the life rings were as they made their way about the ship.

A close-up of one of Eclipse’s life rings. Photo: Business Insider

At 13,000 gross tons, the Eclipse was, at the time, the largest vessel to use a special stabilisation system to keep it calm in rough waters while anchored or moving slowly through the sea.

The vessel uses a special stabilisation system to keep it calm in rough waters. Photo: Business Insider

Abramovich faced a US$150,000 tab for parking the Eclipse in New York City while possibly visiting his daughter and her new baby – about US$2,000 a day.

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The Eclipse was once docked in New York City. Photo: Reuters

A large yacht like the Eclipse can hold over 100,000 gallons of fuel. Depending on the current price of fuel, a five-hour cruise each way could cost about US$30,000.

Roman Abramovich. Photo: PA Wire

None of those numbers are likely to concern Abramovich, however, who has an estimated net worth of nearly US$8 billion.

This article originally appeared on Business Insider.
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  • Abramovich’s superyachts have been marina-hopping to avoid UK’s sanctions amid the Russo-Ukrainian War, with the Eclipse moving to Turkey – but it was once docked at New York City
  • The former Chelsea F.C. owner’s luxury mega yacht has built-in missile defences, bulletproof windows, ‘anti-paparazzi’ tech and even a miniature submarine