Richest Bling Empire season 2 cast members, net worths ranked – how do new arrivals Dorothy Wang and Mimi Morris stack up against Netflix favourites Christine Chiu, Kane Lim and Anna Shay?

Anna Shay, Mimi Morris, Christine Chiu, Kane Lim and Jamie Xie are among the richest cast members on Netflix’s Bling Empire. Photos: @annashay93, @mimi_morris_, @christinechiu, @kanelk_k,@jaimexie/Instagram

Get ready for more drama, glitz and jaw-dropping splurges as binge-tastic Netflix reality show Bling Empire returns to our screens, giving viewers another look into the lavish lifestyles of LA’s ultra rich.

The cast of Bling Empire command a mighty pile of money. Photo: Netflix
The first episode of season two aired on May 13 and not only saw fan favourites Anna Shay and Kane Lim return to screens, but the addition of two new ultra-rich women to the fierce squad. But who is the richest of them all? And who is riding on the designer coattails of their wealthy friends? Here’s the Bling Empire cast ranked according to wealth, based on figures compiled by Celebrity New Worth and various online sources …

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Mimi Morris

Estimated net worth: US$800 million

Source of wealth: Her husband

Mimi Morris, a newcomer to Bling Empire season two. Photo: @mimi_morris_/Instagram

A newcomer for season two, Mimi is a strong contender for the title of richest star on the show. Well, by default at least. She is wife to Donald Morris, CEO of Morris Group International. His net worth is estimated at US$800 million, and as such her Instagram page is filled with private planes, luxury trips and a lavish lifestyle.

Mimi Morris and husband Donald. Photo: @mimi_morris_/Instagram

According to MyImperfectLife, Mimi was born in Vietnam which she escaped during the war as a young girl together with her family, reportedly spending two years in absolute squalor as they tried to get to the US to start a new life.

Anna Shay

Estimated net worth: US$600 million

Source of wealth: Weapons

Anna Shay, returning for a second season of Bling Empire. Photo: @annashay93/Instagram
She’s back for season two and the show-stealing Bling Empire queen remains at the No 1 spot in terms of her own wealth. Anna’s father, Edward, ran PAE, a successful American defence contractor. They grew up in extreme privacy because of her father’s wealth, with the family never travelling together to protect succession plans. It was only after her father’s death in 1995 then her mother Ai Oizumi’s death in 2015 that Anna decided to be more “public” – you might say she’s making up for lost time.
Anna Shay is reportedly still the richest original cast member on Bling Empire, measured by personal wealth. Photo: @annashay93/Instagram

Although Shay is super wealthy, those close to her know that she is generous with it. According to Screen Rant she once met a homeless man named Elvis at an early morning flower market and gave him an apartment and stocked his pantry.

Christine and Gabriel Chiu

Estimated net worth: US$80 million

Source of wealth: Plastic surgery

Christine Chiu, another Bling Empire favourite returning from season one. Photo: @christinechiu/Instagram
She’s an heiress from Taiwan and he’s a celebrity plastic surgeon whose family claim to be direct descendants of the Song dynasty emperors who ruled China until the 13th century.

Together they co-founded Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, certainly elevating their combined net worth. Christine has powerful connections around the world and in 2019 started a foundation with Prince Charles in Scotland called The Prince’s Foundation Chiu Integrated Health Programme.

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Jaime Xie

Estimated net worth: US$50 million

Source of wealth: Family money

Jamie Xie, an heiress who is trying to make her own way in the fashion world. Photo: @jaimexie/Instagram

She’s always got the front row seat at fashion week and her blog and influencer fees bump up her bank balance. But it is her dad’s wealth that is really astounding. Ken Xie built the world’s first firewall and VPN, and his net worth is estimated at US$3.5 billion according to Celebrity Net Worth. As a supposed heiress to at least a chunk of that, Jaime certainly doesn’t need to work, but she is trying her best to make a name for herself in the world of fashion.

Kane Lim

Estimated net worth: US$20 million

Source of wealth: Family money and investor

Kane Lim, born in Singapore to a wealthy family but who made his own way in business. Photo: @kanelk_k/Instagram

Lim was born into wealth thanks to his Singaporean family’s holdings in property, oil and other industries. Although there’s no doubt he got help in life, at 17 he began investing in stocks and two years later he made his first million. Kane, who is a shoe fanatic, has an investment fund and also spends his cash on property.

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A keen investor in fashion and property, Kane Lim started aged 17. Photo: @kanelk_k/Instagram
Kane also scored big time with his new gig as the face of Fenty – Rihanna’s mega beauty brand. He is Fenty’s first Southeast Asia ambassador and has said that when season one of Bling Empire was released, Riri messaged him to ask when the second season would be out. Wowza.

Dorothy Wang

Estimated net worth: US$10 million

Source of wealth: Entrepreneur

Dorothy Wang, joining Bling Empire for season two. Photo: @dorothywang/Instagram

New girl Dorothy is no stranger to the spotlight or to flaunting her money. She’s been on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Famously Single and Fetch Me a Date and now joins the Bling Empire cast for season two. Wang’s father Roger is the former CEO of the Golden Eagle International Group.

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The reality TV star has delved into several businesses and has a jewellery line, Fabulux, and a champagne brand called Rich and Bubbly.

Kim Lee

Estimated net worth: US$10 million

Source of wealth: DJ

Kim Lee is a celebrity DJ and model. Photo: @kimlee/Instagram

She’s filled stadiums with her incredible DJ skills and is a proud self-made millionaire.

Lee has been called the “Calvin Harris” of Asia and spends much of her time travelling from gig to gig. She’s also a model and has appeared in music videos for Nicki Minaj and Kanye West, as well as dabbled in acting, with minor roles in hit films like The Hangover Part II.

Kelly Mi Li

Estimated net worth: US$5 million

Source of wealth: Investor

Kelly Mi Li, one of the original cast from season one of Bling Empire. Photo: @kellymili/Instagram

Li claims she is the brains behind the idea of Bling Empire, pitching the idea to Jeff Jenkins, the former producer of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Though they made a deal over shared credit in 2018, she has recently begun legal action again, seeking damages.

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Kelly Mi Li says she is starting life over after losing a fortune to her previous husband, Lin Miao. Photo: @kellymili/Instagram

Li is an investor and movie producer who had to start over after losing much of her fortune from a previous marriage to a man who was arrested for his involvement in cyber scams. She has openly spoken about having to start her life over.

Kevin Kreider

Estimated net worth: Unknown

Source of wealth: Modelling

Model Kevin Kreider, another returnee from season one of Bling Empire. Photo: @kevin.kreider/Instagram

In the show Kevin is clearly not the wealthiest member of the gang. But his looks, connections and spot-lit role have obviously added to his bank account. It has been reported that he was worth an estimated US$10 million, but Kreider told E! News that was a “more of a future prediction”. In season one he said he shared a home and paid US$1,000 in monthly rent.

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  • Kim Lee, Kelly Li Mi, Jaime Xie and Kevin Kreider are joined this season by Wang, already seen in Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Famously Single and Fetch Me a Date
  • Vietnam-born Mimi Morris, wife of the CEO of Morris Group International, is also new to the show, but will she bring the drama to rival season one divas Chiu and Shay?