The price of royalty: new details about Princess Charlene’s health scare seizures revealed – and is Prince Albert really paying her millions to return to her duties in Monaco?

Princess Charlene of Monaco was reunited with her two children, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, in March after seven months apart. Photos: @iamh0pe, @hrhprincesscharlene/Instagram
A year ago, her life was thrown into disarray after a 10-day trip turned into a nightmare seven months away from her family, filled with health traumas. Now, as Princess Charlene of Monaco attempts to not only regain control of her public life, but to be present in the lives of her children, more details around her health have emerged.
Princess Charlene with Prince Albert and their children at the Formula E Championship in Monaco. Photo: @palaisprincierdemonaco/Instagram

The princess spent months in South Africa undergoing several medical procedures, which left her weak and separated from her family. On top of that, she also had the eyes of the world on her.

Here’s what we know about her health scares and journey to wellness.

More details on her health

Princess Charlene faced health concerns on her trip to South Africa. Photo: @hshprincesscharlene/Instagram
In May 2021, Charlene arrived in South Africa for what was supposed to be a short trip around wildlife conservation. But for the next seven months, she was forced to stay after serious complications from a previous sinus lift and bone graft surgery. Several corrective procedures took place, which left the princess grounded on the advice of her doctors. In September, the palace confirmed she had to be rushed to a Durban hospital after she collapsed.
Princess Charlene of Monaco is a former Olympic swimmer. Photo: @fondationprincessecharlene/Instagram

But South African You magazine is now reporting that Charlene had in fact suffered a seizure a few weeks after her operation. The publication quotes a source as saying that the seizure happened after her “particularly gruelling operation” and after pushing herself too hard.

Princess Charlene of Monaco’s royal return: is she finally on the road to recovery?

The source also told You the convulsions are common in cases of severe infection and high fever.

Public pressure

Princess Charlene with husband Prince Albert and their children. Photo: @hshprincesscharlene/Instagram
As Charlene remained in SA for seven months, speculation on the state of her marriage was rife. The couple has always faced rumours around their relationship and, as the months seemed to drag on, the whispers grew louder. Media reports on his marriage led Prince Albert to officially deny his relationship was in trouble, with him telling People magazine, “She didn’t leave in a huff. She is not in exile.”

The new report from You magazine claims Charlene was under a “lot of pressure” explaining that “there was a lot of emotional stuff going on”.

Monaco’s Prince Albert with his children Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, holding handwritten messages for their mother, Princess Charlene. Photo: EPA-EFE

Charlene had spent months away from her husband and two children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella. You magazine reports Charlene was aware the “eyes of the world were constantly on her”.

After returning to Monaco, Charlene was promptly whisked off to a Swiss clinic for further rehabilitation. The fact that she did not speak nor was seen or heard from sparked further rumours.

The return riddled in rumour

Princess Charlene is facing further speculation for her return to the public eye, with rumours that her husband Prince Albert is paying her. Photo: @hshprincesscharlene/Instagram

Charlene recently made her first public appearance after her health scare in April. She looked healthier – not as gaunt as she was in previous pictures – and her “glow” had returned. But her return was fraught with rumours that she was actually paid to be with her husband. French publication Voici reported that Albert signed a contract, which included a US$12.5 million (12 million euros) yearly fee for the princess to return to royal duties, including being present at her husband’s side. But Chantell Wittstock, Charlene’s spokesperson, has denied the reports.

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To the future

Princess Charlene is 44 years old and married Prince Albert in 2011. Photo: @hshprincesscharlene/Instagram
You magazine reports Charlene is “where she wants to be” and claims the princess is very happy with her husband. The publication adds that the princess has thrown herself into being there for her children and is actively involved in all aspects of their life.

Although she has returned from the Swiss clinic and is attempting to restart her public life as a royal, You reports the princess is expected to undergo a few more medical procedures. These are expected to take place in Monaco.

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  • After seven months away from her husband and two kids, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, the former Olympian went home to Monaco in November last year
  • New details on her health have emerged since her return – but could the rumour that Prince Albert is paying her millions for her public return, really be true?