Will Amber Heard escape to her secret desert hideout home? During her trial against Johnny Depp, she skipped glamorous LA mansions for a sleepy Yucca Valley, California property – take a peek inside

During her trial against Johnny Depp, Amber Heard made a home in the desert in Yucca Valley, California. Photos: @amberheard/Instagram, The Glen Realty
The Depp vs Heard defamation trial captured the attention of the world as shock details about Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s relationship were revealed in court. Much of the trial has focused on money: the loss of it, the spending of it and, for people watching, the wonder of how the couple spent so much of it in such a short time.
Your idea of home? California’s Yucca Valley. Photo: The Glen Realty
And while most of the attention has been focused on Depp and how he lost his fortune, Heard shared a revelation that deserves attention too. At the start of her opening testimony, she confirmed that she lived in Yucca Valley, California. Not in a luxury mansion or million-dollar villa, but instead a desert home with arid surroundings, no malls nearby and a tiny population.

Here’s what you need to know about her secret hideaway from Hollywood.

The evidence

Amber Heard’s Yucca Valley home is a far cry from the OTT mansions that other Hollywood A-listers live in. Photo: The Glen Realty reported that Heard’s name does not appear on the deed of the house, but that the property was bought through a trust with links to Heard. The 2.4-hectare (six-acre) estate, which was built in 2015, was bought in 2019 for US$570,000. Marketplace reported that the coronavirus pandemic resulted in California desert homes skyrocketing. The publication explained that desert homes have increased in value partly because of people’s ability to work remotely.

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The location

Amber Heard in Yucca Valley. Photo: @amberheard/Instagram

Yucca Valley is a town with a population of around 20,000, located in San Bernardino County. The closest landmark is the Joshua Tree National Park – famous for the U2 album of the same name.

Amber Heard with her daughter Oonagh Paige in Yucca Valley. Photo: @amberheard/Instagram

Although the house was bought in 2019, reported that Heard only recently moved in. The New York Post has speculated that Heard has used the house as a sanctuary to get away from all the media attention she has faced during the defamation trial.

Amber Heard enjoying herself in Yucca Valley. Photo: @amberheard/Instagram

A source also reportedly told British media that Heard loves the desert and has used it as a getaway.

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The house

The desert house that Amber Heard calls home. Photo: The Glen Realty

The home has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and is on 24,300 square metres of land. Inside there is an open-plan kitchen, a vaulted ceiling in the dining area, and floor-to-ceiling windows, which provide views of the desert surroundings.

A luxurious bathtub in one of Amber Heard’s bathrooms. Photo: The Glen Realty

The main bedroom has a spa-style tub allowing for luxurious bathing. The house also has a large yard, a garage that can fit up to five cars and has wood finishings typical of a desert home.

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Stand-out features

Amber Heard hanging out with her daughter in her backyard. Photo: @amberheard/Instagram

The property has a bridge that is more than 34 metres long, allowing people to cross a dried-up creek and access an elevated structure on top of a hill. The house has low-E aluminium windows to keep it cool during the soaring summer heat.

The 34-metre bridge in Amber Heard’s backyard. Photo: The Glen Realty

The house also has solid iron front doors and a temperature control valve in the shower and bathtubs.

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