K-drama queens who don’t look a day over 25: Jang Na-ra, Jun Ji-hyun, Ha Ji-won, Go Hyun-jung and Han Go-eun share their anti-ageing beauty, fitness and diet tips – here’s how they do it

K-drama stars Jang Na-ra, Jun Ji-hyun and Go Hyun-jung all look gorgeous ... so what beauty tips do they have for us? Photos: @nara0318, @stonehenge_official/Instagram; JTBC
Many K-drama queens are known for their enviable appearances – their flawless skin and youthful disposition show that they really know their stuff when it comes to beauty. Even some Korean actresses in their 40s never seem to age whenever they return to the screen. So how do they do it? We unveil some of the biggest K-beauty secrets from your favourite stars.

Jun Ji-hyun loves to hike

Jun Ji-hyun was a model for outdoor brand Nepa for eight years. Photo: @nepaofficial/Instagram

One of the top actresses in Korea, 40-year-old Jun Ji-hyun is very much admired for her figure and her glowing skin. She’s known to be into hiking – and seems to be great at it too. Even her fellow celeb friends have said as much.

Jun Ji-hyun in a still from Jirisan. Photo: TVN

According to W magazine, the actress starts her days early, waking up at 6am to do her breathing exercises before the physical workout. “Just as how we take breathing for granted, I take exercising like breathing,” she explained. This is followed by long cardio before starting her Pilates class thrice a week. She also loves cycling, swimming and running, according to the source.

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Recently, she even appeared in the drama series Jirisan (Mount Jiri), playing the role of a mountain ranger.

Go Hyun-jung stays heater-free, even in winter

Go Hyun-jung on drama Reflection of You. Photo: JTBC
Go Hyun-jung has been consistently maintaining a youthful appearance after making her debut as the runner-up of Miss Korea in 1989 and gaining fame from popular dramas such as Sandglass and Queen Seondeok for her charismatic roles.

The 51-year-old actress shared her anti-ageing tips on The Guru Show. She spoke about how she does go to skin clinics and massage shops often, but also tries not to touch her face whenever possible.

Go Hyun-jung doesn’t use heaters as they dry her skin out. Photo: @iokcompany/Instagram

The most important tip she emphasised was not turning on heaters, no matter how cold it gets, as the heat dries out her skin.

Ha Ji-won eats three lemons everyday

Ha Ji-won eats three lemons everyday for her flawless skin. Photo: @hajiwon1023/Instagram
Ha Jin-won rose to fame after starring in hits like Secret Garden, Hwangjini and Empress Ki. At 43 years old, she doesn’t look a day over 25.

She told One TV Asia that she puts on a facial mask every day. She also shared with Access Showbiz Tonight that she eats lemons in order to have glowing skin, saying, “I eat three lemons a day. As the lemons are sour, it also has the effect of uplifting my face and prevents wrinkles.”

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According to K-Drama Stars website, her lemon soju cocktail recipe comprises 1/3 can of tonic water, a spoonful of honey and three squeezed lemons with one bottle of soju.

She said, “Every time I drink this, I get compliments about my skin the next day.”

Han Go-eun sticks to strict intermittent fasting

Han Go-eun has maintained a fit physique throughout her career. Photo: @hangoeun310/Instagram

Starting her career through modelling and rising to fame from acting in dramas like Capital Scandal, Han Go-eun is famous for her talents – and unchanged youthful appearance and physique.

Han Go-eun stands by intermittent fasting. Photo: @hangoeun310/Instagram

According to SBS Biz, the 47-year-old actress has maintained her weight since she was 17, preaching intermittent fasting as her routine. She also shared that the older she gets, the more attention she pays to skincare, and uses natural resources wherever possible.

Jang Na-ra massages her face everyday

Jang Na-ra is a famous actress and singer. Photo: @nara0318/Instagram

Jang Na-ra has been widely loved in Korea and China since she released her album “Sweet Dreams” in 2002, and also for her roles in dramas Go Back Couple and VIP, but what she is also really famous for is for defying her age – it’s hard to believe she’s 41 years old.

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Part of her beauty routine that has helped her maintain her youthful looks is her daily 10-minute facial massage, which she begins with an oil cleanser, before applying light pressure from her knuckles upwards from the jawline, to the ears, according to Her World.

Jang Na-ra does a daily 10-minute facial massage to reduce puffiness. Photo: @nara0318/Instagram

She does the routine to reduce puffiness, while toning, lifting and sculpting the skin too.

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  • All over 40, they maintain youthful appearances thanks to K-beauty and healthy regimes – Go Hyun-jung goes heater-free and Han Go-eun swears by intermittent fasting
  • Jang Na-ra massages her face every day for 10 minutes and Jun Ji-hyun loves to hike, while Ha Ji-won eats three lemons a day and has a special go-to cocktail recipe