Who is Elizabeth Hurley’s son and mirror image, Damian Hurley? The 20-year-old model’s godfathers include Hugh Grant and Elton John, and his dad is late millionaire and property heir, Steve Bing

Damian Hurley is the 20-year-old son of superstar Elizabeth Hurley and late businessman Steve Bing. Photo: @damianhurley1/Instagram
Damian Hurley is the 20-year-old dashing only child of superstar Elizabeth Hurley. And as he’s obviously inherited his mother’s sultry looks and endless charms, he is well on the way to making a name for himself in the world of showbiz.
Damian Hurley is the 20-year-old son of British icon Elizabeth Hurley. Photo: @damianhurley1/Instagram

He’s previously co-starred with his mother in an E! series called The Royals, and has likewise stepped into the modelling scene.

Damian Hurley and his mother, Elizabeth Hurley, at the Caribbean screening of her new Netflix movie. Photo: @damianhurley1/Instagram

What makes him even more endearing is how he’s unapologetically himself, managing to be very open and “real” on his Instagram.

Here are five things to know about Damian Hurley …

He’s been through issues related to his father

Damian Hurley is the son of Elizabeth Hurley and Steve Bing, a wealthy businessman who passed away in 2020. Photo: @damianhurley1/Instagram

Damian was born into a wealthy family. Other than his famous mother, his father, Steve Bing, was a wealthy businessman and producer, and his grandfather was billionaire Peter Bing, a property developer and one of the wealthiest people in the US.

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Model and actress Elizabeth Hurley and American film producer Steve Bing pictured at a Lakers game in Los Angeles, in 2001. Photo: Reuters

Steve had initially denied being the father of Elizabeth’s baby until a DNA test confirmed otherwise, per a BBC report. Later, Elizabeth refused her ex-partner’s offer of financial support for Damian, said to be worth about US$2.2 million, Vogue UK reported in 2002. “Damian and I are managing very well by ourselves,” she said.

Elizabeth Hurley refused financial support from her ex Steve Bing for their son Damian. Photo: @damianhurley1/Instagram

Fast forward to many years later, in June 2020, Steve was found dead due to suicide, having jumped from his flat building, per People. He was 55. Damian later posted about his grief on Instagram, and expressed this thanks to those who extended their condolences.

Damian Hurley was cut out from his father’s US$215 million will. Photo: @damianhurley1/Instagram

The mother and son duo were later in the news again, this time concerning Damian being cut off from Steve’s inheritance, per Hello!

He’s born to be a model

Damian Hurley clearly acquired his mother’s attractive genes. Photo: @damianhurley1/Instagram

Family issues aside, Damian has made plenty of headlines for happier reasons too. The rising star may have gotten into modelling in quite the unusual fashion – but his good looks are in his genes and it certainly seems meant to be.

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Damian Hurley entered the modelling world for the first time when he was 17 years old. Photo: @damianhurley1/Instagram

Damian was only 17 when he got a call telling him that renowned fashion photographer Steven Meisel wanted him to star in a campaign he was shooting in New York. Despite having not modelled before, he took the chance. “In a moment of madness I agreed, flew out, did the shoot and made it back to school in time for my first class on Monday,” he told Vogue India.

Damian Hurley has been making waves in the fashion industry. Photo: @damianhurley1/Instagram
In the same interview, he named supermodels Naomi Campbell and Helena Christensen as his inspirations. He signed with IMG models in 2021 and has been the face of make-up artist Pat McGrath’s cosmetics line.

He’s a fragrance guy

Damian Hurley always carries a mini cologne with him to feel “sexy” on the go. Photo: @damianhurley1/Instagram

Asked about his daily essentials on Vogue India, Hurley said that he always brings a mini cologne sample with him together with his phone, wallet and chapstick. “Scent is very important – it can instantly wake you up and make you feel sexy,” he told the magazine.

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His godfathers are famous icons

British actor Hugh Grant, one of Elizabeth Hurley’s former flings, was named as one of her son Damian’s godfathers. Photo: @damianhurley1/Instagram
Cool mum Liz chose A-listers to stand as her only son’s godfathers. The list includes the actress’ former flame Hugh Grant, musical legend Elton John and the late Heath Ledger among them.

He shares a super close relationship with his mother

Elizabeth Hurley and her son Damian make the perfect mother-son duo. Photo: @damianhurley1/Instagram

Other than his striking resemblance to his superstar mum, Damian is also his mother’s biggest cheerleader. The mum-and-son duo have often made headlines for their Instagram posts – from Elizabeth posing in sultry bikinis (photographed by her son, of course) to Damian revealing a hot shirtless ensemble.

Damian Hurley is often the cameraman behind his mother Elizabeth’s Instagram shots. Photo: @damianhurley1/Instagram

A staunch advocate of breast cancer awareness, Elizabeth once revealed via Hello! how much her son has supported her in this journey. “It’s been part of Damian’s life ever since he could walk and talk, to be honest,” she said.

Damian Hurley is tight with his famous mum, Elizabeth Hurley. Photo: @damianhurley1/Instagram

Damian has called his mother his best friend, twin and favourite human on Instagram.

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  • Liz Hurley’s only son Damian is her lookalike – and is just as fabulous, having worked with fashion photographer Steven Meisel in New York at only 17 years old
  • His grandfather was billionaire Peter Bing, one of the richest people in the US, but Damian was cut out of his dad’s will after his death in 2020 – but Liz never wanted the millions anyway