Meet Elon Musk’s sister Tosca, founder of Netflix-style streaming service Passionflix, accomplished filmmaker and mother of twins – but did her brother invest in her company?

Elon Musk’s little sister Tosca Musk has carved out her own creative niche. Photos: @toscamusk/Instagram
Elon Musk may be the most recognisable name in the Musk family, but he’s not the only to one to have started his own company.
Tosca Musk, 47, is the younger sister to her two older brothers, Elon and Kimbal Musk. Like her brothers, she harnesses an entrepreneurial spirit.
Tosca, Elon and Kimbal, children of Maye Musk (second from the right), have all grown up to run their own businesses. Photo: @toscamusk/Instagram

In 2017, Musk co-founded Passionflix alongside screenwriter Joany Kane and Hollywood producer Jina Panebianco. Kane initially had the idea of creating a streaming service centred around romance novels that catered directly to women, and Panebianco and Musk quickly joined the project, according to the company’s website.

In early June, The New York Times profiled Tosca and her streaming service.

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Tosca Musk co-founded Passionflix with screenwriter Joany Kane and producer Jina Panebianco. Photo: @toscamusk/Instagram

“Most of the time people look down at romance – there is apparently something radical in having female desire as a main theme – and they don’t think that romance is intellectual enough,” Musk told the newspaper. “I think that is wrong. Romance is about validating emotions. It’s about removing shame from sexuality. It’s about uplifting stories.”

A ‘sexy Hallmark Channel’

The films on Passionflix, Tosca Musk’s streaming service, are cheekily categorised with flame emojis and names like NSFW and Toe Curling Yumminess. Photo: @toscamusk/Instagram

Passionflix launched in 2017 in the US and is a subscription service akin to other streaming services like Netflix or HBO. Five years later and it’s now available in almost 150 countries, according to the profile.

Driven is an original series produced by Passionflix and directed by Tosca Musk. Photo: @passionflix/Instagram

The streaming service – which The New York Times described as a “sexy Hallmark Channel” – costs about US$6 a month. The site has dozens of original films and a handful of TV series, as well as some more recognisable films.

Most notably, the content is organised based on a “barometer of naughtiness”. indicated by a series of flame emojis that rank a film from one to five, including categories from Oh So Vanilla to NSFW or Toe Curling Yumminess.

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Tosca Musk wears a jumper bearing the title of her mother, Maye Musk’s book; the filmmaker wants to empower women through her streaming service. Photo: @toscamusk/Instagram

Despite the ranking, Musk told The New York Times she resents any references to the content as a “guilty pleasure” and that the platform prioritised content that would empower women. While the site features erotic content, it does not allow frontal nudity below the waist, she told the paper.


Tosca Musk says romance films and TV shows shouldn’t be labelled a “guilty pleasure”. Photo: @toscamusk/Instagram

Aside from being the company’s majority owner, Musk is also heavily involved in production for the streaming service.

She has produced and directed many of the films and TV series that appear on the platform herself, as well as produced TV films for Lifetime and Hallmark. She has over 50 producer and director credits, as well as a handful of writing credits dating back to 2001 via her production company Musk Entertainment, according to her IMDB page.

Tosca Musk is in fact an accomplished film director and producer. Photo: @toscamusk/Instagram

Despite Passionflix’s high output level for a niche streaming service, the company only has six employees, according to The New York Times’ profile. The company has secured US$22 million in early funding per the publication, but it has been hesitant to share data on its subscriber numbers.

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Tosca Musk and her tight knit, highly entrepreneurial family. Photo: @mayemusk/Instagram

Tosca’s older brother, Kimbal, is also an investor in the company, according to Crunchbase. But so far Tosca has been tight lipped about whether Elon has any involvement in Passionflix.

“It is difficult for me to answer that question,” she told The New York Times. “If I say that he is an investor, then everybody says, ‘Oh, she just got her brother to pay for it.’ And if I say he didn’t invest, then you all say, ‘He doesn’t support her.’”

Family life

Tosca Musk (far right) with her mother and two older brothers, Elon and Kimbal. Photo: @toscamusk/Instagram
Tosca appears to be close with her family. Her mother, Maye Musk, is often outspoken on social media in her support of Passionflix. Maye is frequently seen at events for the company, including Passioncon, an annual conference for romance enthusiasts hosted by Passionflix.
Maye Musk and Tosca Musk at the Driven Season 3 “Pyjama Premiere” at Passioncon. Photo: @toscamusk/Instagram

This year, Passioncon was held at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey, California. Tickets for the event sold for between US$1,000 and US$1,500, including a two-night stay at the luxury hotel.

Tosca and Maye even celebrated the premiere of the third season of Passionflix’s Driven with a pyjama party at the event. Nevertheless, in Maye’s book, A Woman Makes a Plan, she points out that her daughter’s life was not always all glitz and glam.

Tosca was born in South Africa, but moved to Canada in 1989 at the age of 15, according to Forbes. The move came several years after her parents split – a decision Maye attributed to an abusive relationship in an interview she gave to Harper’s Bazaar.

Former model Maye Musk (left) with her only daughter Tosca Musk. Photo: @toscamusk/Instagram
Maye said in her book that there was a period after she divorced Tosca’s father, Errol, that the entire family had to work to put food on the table. Daughter Tosca worked at an upscale supermarket near their flat while she studied film at the University of British Columbia between 1994 and 1997, according to Forbes.
Tosca Musk (left) worked in a fancy supermarket to earn extra cash for herself and her mother, Maye, while studying at film school. Photo: @toscamusk/Instagram

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Tosca later built a home base in Los Angeles with her twin children, Isabeau and Grayson.

Tosca Musk’s children, Isabeau and Grayson Musk. Photo: @toscamusk/Instagram

Tosca moved to Georgia in 2021, hoping to offset expenses for her production company with the state’s tax incentives for filmmakers.

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  • Tesla CEO Elon and restaurateur Kimbal aren’t the only entrepreneurs in the Musk family – Tosca started a platform for romance films and TV shows for women
  • Passionflix may feature categories like Oh So Vanilla and NSFW, but Tosca hopes to empower women with the romance streaming service – taking cues from her fashion model mum Maye