Has Floyd Mayweather blown a US$1.2 billion fortune? Jake Paul claims the boxer is ‘broke’, after he splashed out on multiple Rolls-Royces, Mercedes, Lamborghinis, Porsches, mansions and private jets

Legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather has made more than a billion from his career in the ring – but can he have already spent it all, like Jake Paul says? Photo: @floydmayweather/Instagram

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is broke? That’s the recent claim of boxer and YouTuber Jake Paul, who claims the legendary fighter hasn’t paid his brother, Logan, for their exhibition match last year, according to an interview with Rob Moore, posted on Instagram.

But “Money” himself never admits he doesn’t have money, of course. He has said Logan got paid and wanted another exhibition. He even boasted he has banked US$300 million per month in recent years, per World Boxing News. “In 32 months, I put myself in a position with a smart business team to make US$300 million a month,” he revealed.

Floyd Mayweather at the Parade of Champions as he joins the International Boxing Hall of Fame in June 2022. Photo: AP
In August 2021, Mayweather claimed on Talk Sport that he was a billionaire, with a net worth of US$1.2 billion. But though the “50-0” boxer (50 fights, undefeated, in his career) may earn easily, he seems to splash his money about faster, constantly showing off how he enjoys buying extravagant items on his social pages. So just what has he spent his millions on?

Multimillion-dollar homes

Floyd Mayweather relaxing at home. Photo: @floydmayweather/Instagram

It’s no surprise for A-list stars to live in million-dollar houses, and each of Mayweather’s is worth no less than eight figures. Moreover, these houses feature not only swanky furniture and OTT ornaments but also “special amenities” to fully meet the owner’s every need.

Floyd Mayweather’s wine cellar in his Beverly Hills castle. Photo: @floydmayweather/Instagram

For example, the six-bed home in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, valued at US$25 million, has a candy shop, a 12-seat cinema and a wine cellar with 225 bottles. Meanwhile, his US$10 million Las Vegas mansion has two guest houses, 11 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a gym and a 1.4-acre vineyard. And a third house – a US$18 million waterfront pad in Miami Beach – has a 5,000 sq ft rooftop deck and a private dock for a 100-foot boat, besides a pool, spa, cinema, gym and games room.

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Cool wings and wheels

Floyd’s preferred way to fly: his Gulfstream G650, christened Air Mayweather. Photo: @floydmayweather/Instagram

Travelling the world for exhibitions and holidays, Mayweather always does it in style. He doesn’t have one but three private jets, via Daily Mail. They are named “Air Mayweather” and carry signature logos: “TMT – The Money Team” and “50–0”. Each cost him US$40-50 million, with his 12-seater Gulfstream III enhanced with “gold cup holders, gold sink, gold accents throughout”, according to TMZ.

At ground level, besides splashing US$200 million on a yacht for his sunbed and pool parties with beauties, he has also bought about 100 cars over the years that he “always pays in cash” for, including 16 Rolls-Royces, Ferraris, Bugattis, Lamborghinis, Mercedes McLarens, Business Insider reports.

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“The Billionaire” watch and stones

Mayweather in characteristically flashy designer duds. Photo: @floydmayweather/Instagram

Mayweather loves things that sparkle. A lot. His most twinkling personal item is surely “The Billionaire”, a 260-carat diamond watch from Jacob & Co that cost him a whopping US$18 million. It’s just one of over 40 timepieces from other big name brands like Hublot, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Rolex, a collection estimated to be worth around US$30 million, per Sportskeeda.

Rely on boxer Mayweather to bring the bling. Photo: @floydmayweather/Instagram

After lots of diamonds, other precious stones and oodles of gold are also favourite accessories and he usually buys various pieces at the same time. For example, on a shopping trip in 2018, he spent US$5.3 million on a 30-carat pear-shaped VVS ring, a 4.5-carat diamond bracelet, a two-pound gold necklace, and three watches, TMZ reports. In 2015, he dropped US$10 million on a 50-carat ring and a 74-diamond necklace, according to Rolling Stone.

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Bags of bags

Handbags and glad rags aplenty at the Mayweather maison. Photo: @floydmayweather/Instagram

If Mayweather splurges millions on jewellery, it’s just hundreds of thousands on … handbags. In 2016, he shared an Instagram video of paying US$400,000 for five Hermès bags. Later in another post in 2019, he showed off the biggest Chanel bag in the world, a hula hoop bag worth some US$2,400.


Sports betting

The natural instinct of a man who is himself a brand? Photo: @floydmayweather/Instagram

Mayweather loves a big wager when it comes to sport, starting with boxing, including betting on himself, of course, as well as the NBA, NFL and other sports. And he has won millions. Some of his biggest wins include US$4.7 million in a month in 2014 from games in the NFL, and more than US$1 million from NBA and boxing in May 2015, according to tabloid reports. However, he has reportedly lost much more overall – about US$50 million in 2017 alone, according to Maxim.

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Personal chef and barber

Mayweather often eats more at night, after training hard in the day. Photo: @floydmayweather/Instagram

Training hard and with an unusual schedule, often eating at night, Mayweather has a chef who is available 24/7 to cook for him any time he wants. That extends even to making five-course meals for 50 people at 2-3am, per Vice. That’s why he’s willing to pay US$1,000 per meal, with the price set not by the chef but by him.

Floyd Mayweather getting a haircut from his personal barber. Photo: @Icedoutbarber/Twitter

He also spends a similar amount for a haircut – often more of a shave – with his barber’s fee running to some US$10,000 per month. “I cut his hair two times a week, three times is pushing it, but then it also depends on the occasion. If he’s in training I will cut him Monday, Wednesday and Friday,” his barber Jackie Starr told TMZ.

Disposable boxers

Floyd Mayweather signs gloves at the opening of the Mayweather Boxing + Fitness gym in Torrance, California in 2019. Photo: Reuters

The superstar boxer has a deep appreciation for other boxers – underwear, that is. Mayweather reportedly never uses a pair twice, buying stacks of Macy’s US$18 boxer shorts which cost him “only” US$6,500 per year, per USA Today.

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  • YouTuber Jake Paul claims Mayweather – who throws away his underwear after wearing it once – hasn’t paid his brother, Logan, for their 2021 exhibition match
  • He has splashed on around 100 luxury cars; watches from Jacob & Co, Hublot, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Rolex; and bags from Hermès and Chanel