Meet Prince Philip of Serbia, the bitcoin buff: the American-born son of Alexander, crown prince of Yugoslavia, once worked at The Ritz London and is a vocal crypto advocate

Philip, hereditary prince of Yugoslavia, has taken over his brother’s role as heir after Prince Peter decided to stay in Spain. Photo: @Duchess of Milton/Facebook

Philip, the Hereditary Prince of Serbia – formerly part of Yugoslavia – is not your average royal. For starters, the 40-year-old is the heir apparent to a now-defunct throne. He wasn’t even poised to inherit his father’s title: that only happened when his older brother, Peter, abdicated his designated position. What’s more, this royal grew up in another country, worked regular jobs and developed a deep passion for bitcoin – talk about being non-traditional!

Prince Philip of Serbia cut his teeth in the financial markets of Cyprus and London before moving back to Belgrade. Photo: @PrincFilip1/Twitter

Suffice to say, there are a whole lot of interesting facts about this European royal. Let’s dive in and see what sets Prince Philip apart from other blue bloods.

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He’s the grandson of the last king of Yugoslavia, Peter II

Prince Philip never expected to be hereditary prince of Serbia and is a financial analyst. Photo: @somethingpool/Twitter

Prince Philip is the son of Crown Prince Alexander, the last official heir of the former kingdom of Yugoslavia, and Princess Maria da Gloria of Orleans Braganza. Born on January 15, 1982, in the United States with a fraternal twin, he then grew up in the United Kingdom.

Crown Prince Alexander (second right) with his son Philip (far right), wife and other sons. Photo: @vaninaswchindt/Twitter

He is a member of the House of Karađorđević, a deposed Serbian and former Yugoslav royal family who were exiled from their country in 1945. His father Alexander was able to return to Serbia at the turn of the century, where he successfully recovered much of the land and personal property that was once his family’s, per Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Prince Philip and his fraternal twin (named Alexander after their father), have three other siblings: an older brother, Prince Peter, and two younger half-sisters through their mum, Princess Maria de Gloria: the countesses Sol María de la Blanca (36) and her sister Ana Luna, who is two years younger.

He unexpectedly became the heir apparent

Prince Philip’s elder brother, Prince Peter (right), renounced his title as hereditary prince in April this year. Photo: @vaninaswchindt/Twitter

The 40-year-old royal suddenly became the hereditary prince of Serbia when his elder brother Prince Peter decided to renounced his title earlier this year.

According to Cord Magazine, Prince Peter’s reason for renouncing his title was that he believed the heir to the throne should live with his family in Serbia among his people, pointing out that his younger brother Philip had already tied his and his family’s life to Serbia when they moved from London to Belgrade in 2020, while he wished to remain in Seville, Spain.

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His royal wedding was one for the books

Prince Philip and Danica Marinković have enjoyed many firsts since the royal family returned to Serbia. Photo: @royal.serbia/Instagram

Philip’s marriage to Danica Marinković – a graphic designer and daughter of renowned Serbian artist Cile Marinković – was the first royal wedding held in Serbia since 1922. The couple tied the knot at St Michael’s Cathedral in Belgrade in October 2017.

When Prince Philip and his wife Danica Marinković welcomed their son, it was the first time a male heir had been born to the Serbian royal family in the country for 90 years. Photo: @danamaar/Instagram
The groom’s elder brother, father and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, served as their witnesses. Several members of European royal families were also there, including Queen Sofiá of Spain and Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg, as reported in Vogue.

Philip and Marinković welcomed their son, Prince Stefan four months later, in February 2018. Baby Stefan was the first male heir born to the Karađorđević royal family on Serbian soil in 90 years.

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He’s a big fan of bitcoin

Prince Philip has been a vocal champion for bitcoin and its ability to give ordinary people freedom from inflation. Photo: @PrincFilip1/Twitter

After completing his studies in Spain and the UK, studying at a Swiss hotel school and working at The Ritz Hotel in London, Philip began working for financial institutions. After a stint in Cyprus, he currently works as an analyst for an international asset manager, according to news.

During a TV interview, the hereditary prince was asked about his thoughts on cryptocurrency. “Bitcoin is freedom, and this is something I want for everyone,” Philip replied.

“[Bitcoin is] censorship-free. It is very fungible, you can move it around. It’s what will help people’s individual sovereignty again, and this helps with people’s freedom,” the Serbian heir apparent added.

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  • Alexander, crown prince of Yugoslavia’s son Prince Peter renounced his title, making brother Prince Philip next in line – he’s married to Danica Marinković
  • The 40-year-old was born in Fairfax, Virginia, in the US, grew up in London, and works in finance – yet Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden attended his wedding