7 K-pop idols who quit their groups soon after debuting: besides Le Sserafim’s Kim Garam, Hyuna, Somin, Jiin, Jisun, Seunghee and Junhyeok all departed early too

Cho Seung-hee, Junhyeok, Hyuna, Somin and Jang Hyeri all moved on from their K-pop groups very quickly. Photos: @seunghee91_63, @hyunah_aa, @somin_jeon0822, @s2._.hyerii/Instagram; Wikipedia
Kim Garam has been officially removed from Le Sserafim following her alleged bullying. Garam debuted with Hybe’s girl group in May and was soon caught in a whirlwind of scandals that saw netizens sparing her no mercy.
K-pop group Le Sserafim. Photo: Hybe
After months of confusion about what would happen to Garam – with her agency even putting her on a hiatus the same month the group debuted – Source Music confirmed in a statement on July 20 that it had decided to terminate its contract with the star. This makes Garam the idol to leave a group the fastest after a debut, per Geo News.

But Garam isn’t the first in K-pop showbiz to leave a group so quickly. Here are five more cases … and the reasons behind their swift departures.

1. April’s Somin

Somin is a member of K-pop group Kard. Photo: @somin_jeon0822/Instagram

While Somin is now known for being a member of Kard, she was actually part of a girl group called April before entering the popular mixed-gender group. Somin debuted with April in 2015 but, three months after its debut song Dream Candy came out, she left the group, per K-pop Starz.

Somin left girl group April within three months of her debut. Photo: @dspapril/Instagram

According to Koreaboo, Somin has no regrets. “I’m very happy I had the opportunity to be with the members I have now,” she said.

Theories from netizens floated around online stating that Somin didn’t like the concept DSP (the music label) had for April, hence she took off to explore her options. After joining Kard, her image changed from cute to bold and her genre of music took a complete turn with a mix of reggae-style, hip-hop songs.

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Somin with her Kard bandmates J. Seph, BM and Jiwoo. Photo: @official_kard/Instagram

Somin added after leaving, “I will do my best to bring out good music.”

April officially disbanded in January this year.

2. Girl’s Day’s Jiin and Jisun

Girl’s Day debuted in 2010 with Jihae, Jisun, Jiin, Sojin, and Minah. Photo: Dream T Entertainment

Jiin and Jisun debuted with Girl’s Day in 2010, but both members left the group just two months after the release of their first mini-album. Jiin withdrew from the group to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress and focus on auditioning for drama and film roles, according to Koreaboo.

When she appeared in an episode of I Can See Your Voice 5, she talked about the result of her decision to leave the group. She said, per Koreaboo, “After I quit Girl’s Day, I got lost and had a lot of trouble getting back on track. I took whatever I could. I was a part-time model, a part-time cashier at a convenience store, and a part-time employee at a PC cafe.”

Jiin uses the name Jang Hyeri now. Photo: @s2._.hyerii/Instagram
As of 2020, she is now a trot singer under the stage name Jang Hyeri and signed up with Big Daddy Entertainment, as per Kpop Starz.

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Another Girl’s Day’s member Jisun also left the group to pursue her own interests in music. She joined two other groups after her departure from Girl’s Day but, unfortunately, both of them ended up in disbandment.

Girl’s Day’s Jisun went under the stage name JN after leaving the group. Photo: Namuwiki

Currently, she is an independent artist married to U-Kiss’ Hoon.

3. Day6’s Junhyeok

Junhyeok didn’t last very long with Day6. Photo: @____junhyeok/Instagram
Junhyeok debuted with Day6 in 2015 as one of its six original members, taking on the position of keyboardist and vocalist. But around five months later, Junhyeok left the band and JYP stated it was due to “personal reasons” for terminating his contract, per K-pop Starz.
It was speculated that Junhyeok may have left Day6 for having a relationship with a fan. Photo: @____junhyeok/Instagram

But there seemed to be more behind Junhyeok’s departure from the group. Just before his departure, Junhyeok was caught in a rumour that he was in a romantic relationship with a fan, per K-pop Starz. Since JYP has a dating ban for three years from an idol’s debut, Junhyeok would have breached his contract if the scandal were indeed true.

Day6 promoting its debut album “The Day”. Photo: Day6 Wiki

Fans on platforms like Reddit suspected that he either quit or was pushed out to protect the rest of Day6. Following his termination, Junhyeok spoke about how he once feared doing music again. He shared on the reality show The Unit, “The reason I considered not doing music at all was because I started wondering why people were so scary. I was so scared of people that I couldn’t do anything.” He added, “I feel like people are going to criticise me no matter what I do.”

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4. Wonder Girls’ Hyuna

Hyuna made her debut way back in 2007. Photo: @hyunah_aa/Instagram
Hyuna gained popularity and fame through girl group 4Minute, then as a solo artist producing her own brand of unique pop music. But before she gained her legions of fans, Hyuna originally stepped into K-pop by debuting with Wonder Girls – only to quit five months later.
Hyuna, formerly part of Wonder Girls, is now known for her solo music. Photo: JYP Entertainment

Unlike many other cases, however, there weren’t any scandals or problems within the group that made her quit. She reportedly left for health reasons. According to Aminoapps, Hyuna’s parents pulled her out of the group because she was experiencing chronic gastroenteritis that resulted in recurring fainting spells while she was promoting with the group.

Hyuna joined 4Minute in 2009 with Nam Ji-hyun, Heo Ga-yoon, Jeon Ji-yoon and Kwon So-hyun. Photo: @4minute_official/Instagram
After she quit the girl band, Hyuna joined Cube Entertainment to be a part of 4Minute. After her dating scandal with Pentagon’s Dawn in 2018, the couple was fired from the agency and went on to sign with Psy’s P Nation where they now release songs both as soloists and as a duo.

5. Dia’s Seunghee

Seunghee debuted in 2010 with F-ve Dolls. Photo: @seunghee91_63/Instagram

Seunghee is known for appearing on TV series and films today, but the well-known actress was originally a K-pop idol who first debuted with F-ve Dolls in 2010. The group disbanded four years later. She then joined a girl group known as Dia in 2015, an acronym for Do It Amazing. But her idol days didn’t last long with that group either, and she left less than a year after its debut, per Koreaboo.

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Dia debuted in 2015. Photo: PocketDolStudio

In an interview, according to Soompi, Seunghee stated that she left Dia because she fell into an artistic slump. She said, “I was unable to overcome my slump, and I thought I would be a hindrance to my company and the members who I love if I continued to promote with Dia like this. So I left my company, finished the drama I was originally scheduled to do, and then rested for about a year.”

Seunghee is now a famous actress who now goes by Cho Seung-hee. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

She stated that her slump was so severe she never thought about being a celebrity again. But an opportunity was presented to her in the form of a web drama and she took the plunge to become the actress that she is now.

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