Inside Anne Heche’s shocking accident: as the actress fights for her life, in critical condition after the Los Angeles car crash, reports of substance abuse and mental health battles have emerged …

Anne Heche was recently involved in a car accident in Los Angeles, and remains in critical condition. Photo: Getty Images/TNS

Well-known American actress Anne Heche, 53, remains in a critical condition in hospital after she smashed her car into a house in Los Angeles, immediately engulfing the vehicle in flames, on August 5. It has now emerged that Heche may have been under the influence of cocaine and police have opened an official investigation into the incident.

Anne Heche at the Warner Bros. Pictures and InStyle Host 19th Annual Post-Golden Globes Party held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, in January 2018, in Beverly Hills, California. Photo: TNS

The devastating accident has raised alarm bells about Heche’s mental state, with old reports re-emerging where the actress admitted she battled with mental health after a traumatic childhood.

Here’s everything you need to know about the life-changing accident.

The accident

Anne Heche’s Mini Cooper was found in a devastating state from the car crash. Photo: @gaylestv/Instagram

On August 5, Heche was allegedly speeding while driving eastbound on Preston Way in Los Angeles. Her blue Mini Cooper veered off the road and smashed into a house. One person was at home in the backyard, but was not hurt. The Mini Cooper was immediately engulfed in flames and Heche sustained severe burns.

Her condition

Actress Anne Heche has starred in films like Six Days Seven Nights and Donnie Brasco. Photo: AFP

Although a spokesperson for Heche first told media that the actress was in a “stable condition” asking that people keep her in their “prayers”, it was later confirmed that Heche was actually in critical condition.

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At the time of writing, she had been in a coma after the accident and had not regained consciousness, per numerous reports. A rep for the actress told US Weekly that she had a “significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention”.

Illegal substances?

Anne Heche might have been under the influence of drugs during the accident. Photo: @global_headlines_/Instagram

Although it was initially widely reported that Heche was suspected to be under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident, TMZ has since stated that the actress was allegedly under the influence of cocaine. The site claimed that law enforcement officers found cocaine after they drew her blood as she was admitted to hospital. Another law enforcement officer told the Los Angeles Times the same thing.

Homeowner Jennifer Durand’s trauma

The aftermath of Anne Heche’s car crash. Photo: @davidhumekennerly/Instagram

Jennifer Durand is the owner of the house that Heche crashed her car into. The home was also set on fire from the incident. Durand told People magazine that her tenant, Lynne Mishele, called to tell her about what had happened and it took her a few minutes to process what she was saying. Durand, who has owned the home for 24 years, immediately paid a visit after the call, saying she was grateful that Mishele and her animals were left relatively unscathed.

“When I arrived, we hugged and cried a lot,” Durand told the publication, adding that Mishele was lucky to survive the accident, and got emotional about the home that had been a big part of her life. “Nothing could have prepared me for what the house looked like.”

The police investigation

Police tape remains at the home in the 1700 block of Walgrove Avenue in Mar Vista, where actress Anne Heche crashed her vehicle on August 5. Photo: Los Angeles Times/TNS

Although there were no initial injuries reported, Mishele, who was at the house Heche crashed into, did obtain medical attention as the police said she had some smoke-related injuries, reported Fox News. Heche is now under investigation for a DUI felony, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed.

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Heche’s troubled past

In 1998, US television actress Ellen DeGeneres arrives with her then-girlfriend actress Anne Heche to the premiere of Sphere at the Mann’s Village Theater in Westwood, California. Photo: AFP

Heche has been very open about her struggles with substance abuse and battles with mental health, having suffered a number of breakdowns during her lifetime.

In one such example, after her public split with Ellen DeGeneres in 2000, she parked her car on a highway in California and walked around before knocking on a stranger’s door. The concerned resident called the authorities and apparently Heche proceeded to tell the deputy that she was God, reported Fox News. She later told Larry King she had taken Ecstasy as she got into the car.
Actress Anne Heche appears in an interview with talk show host Larry King during a taping of the CNN programme Larry King Live, in 2001, at the CNN studios in Los Angeles. Photo: Reuters/CNN

In 2001, she told Barbara Walters that her father had raped her and she developed another personality to escape the pain she was enduring. In her 2001 memoir, Call Me Crazy, Heche further opened up about her traumatic childhood, detailing the horrific events she was exposed to.

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  • The actress, 53, smashed her Mini Cooper into a house in Los Angeles on August 5, where it was engulfed in flames – she’s now reportedly in hospital, in a coma and on a ventilator
  • It’s not the first time Heche has suffered from substance and mental health issues, from her split with Ellen DeGeneres in 2002 to her traumatic childhood