7 K-pop idols who founded their own fashion brands: from Jackson Wang to G-Dragon’s Peaceminusone, Jessica Jung’s Blanc & Eclare and Baekhyun’s Privé by BBH

Lee Dong-hae, Jackson Wang, Jessica Jung, G-Dragon and Baekhyun all own fashion brands. Photos: @dongdonghaehaehae, @jacksonwang852g7, @blancandeclare_official, @gdragon_official/Instagram; SM Entertainment
K-pop has undoubtedly influenced the world in many ways beyond music – particularly fashion. Thanks to their strong social media presence and fearless style, several K-pop idols have signed lucrative contracts to become ambassadors for luxury brands – just look at Blackpink’s Jennie relationship with Chanel and Exo’s Kai with Gucci.
However the most forward-thinking K-pop stars go one step further and realise their passion for fashion with their own entrepreneurial endeavours. Here are seven idols who went all out by starting their own brands.

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1. Peaceminusone by G-Dragon (Bigbang)

G-Dragon wearing Peaceminusone attire on stage. Photo: @gdragonchi/Instagram
In 2016, Bigbang rapper G-Dragon launched Peaceminusone, a graphic streetwear fashion brand offering jackets, accessories, shoes, headphones and shoes. For this year’s spring/summer collection, the label revealed a range of colourful varsity jackets and track pants.
G-Dragon had a very lucrative collaboration with the Nike x Peaceminusone Para-Noise Airforce trainers. Photo: @peaceminusonedotcom/Instagram

It’s even accumulated a solid fan base of over 1 million followers on Instagram. But the brand is also known for its many collaborations with Vogue, Giuseppe Zanotti, Redbull and even Disney’s Mickey Mouse. Then here’s also the famous Nike x Peaceminusone Para-Noise Airforce trainers that garnered attention from shoe fanatics worldwide.

2. Blanc & Eclare by Jessica Jung (Girls’ Generation)

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Jung launched her own fashion line, Blanc & Eclare in 2014. Photo: @blancandeclare_official/Instagram
Jessica Jung founded her fashion brand Blanc & Eclare in 2014. It sells everything from ready-to-wear clothing and accessories to cosmetics and eyewear. She’s quickly expanded her label, and its products are now available in stores worldwide, according to its website.

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Jessica Jung’s fashion brand is marketed towards high-end consumers. Photo: @blancandeclare_japan/Instagram

Blanc & Eclare (which translates to “white and clear”) offers clean, crisp silhouettes with a high-end price tag.

3. Privé by BBH by Baekhyun (Exo and SuperM)

Baekhyun began training in K-pop under SM Entertainment back in 2011. Photo: @glamourbbh/Instagram

The 30-year-old K-pop idol has served as creative director for Privé Alliance since 2018, according to All K-pop. Privé by BBH, his own line of casual, cotton basics, is designed to be accessible to everyone, with products priced under US$100, per Vogue.

TXT’s Yeonjun is a guest creative director of Privé by BBH. Photo: @privenewyork/Instagram

Recently, BBH hired fellow K-pop idol Yeonjun as a guest creative director and is expected to launch a new limited-time collection this month, reports Envi Media.

4. Staydium by BM (Kard)

Rapper BM launched Staydium, inspired by American streetwear. Photo: @staydiumla/Instagram

In 2019, rapper BM launched his fashion label Staydium. The name combines the words “stay” with “stadium”, a request that Kard fans associate with them so they can play for stadium-sized audiences, per Korean Fashion Trends. The brand’s style is streetwear mixed with athleisure and features hi-tech fabrics.

BM wearing clothes from Staydium’s Healers collection. Photo: @staydiumla/Instagram

Run by BM and his parents the brand often addresses social issues. BM’s Big Tiddy merchandise has donated US$20,000 to breast cancer research and proceeds from his Healers collection line go to anti-bullying causes, per Koreaboo.

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5. Skull Hong by Lee Hong-gi (F.T. Island)

Lee Hong-gi has become a trendsetter in fashion for his unapologetic style. Photo: @skullhong_official/Instagram
K-pop singer Lee Hong-gi has become a fashion trailblazer ever since he made nail art for men trendy. His goth-friendly fashion brand Skull Hong (one of his nicknames) features skulls as its predominant motif.
Lee Hong-gi is very involved in the design process of his brand Skull Hong. Photo: @skullhong_official/Instagram

Lee chooses the fabric and creates many of the graphics himself for a brand that stands out from the crowd.

6. Team Wang Design by Jackson Wang (Got7)

Jackson Wang gave up his training as an Olympic fencing champion to pursue his K-pop career. Photo: @teamwangdesign/Instagram
The former junior Olympic fencing champion turned K-pop idol created his Team Wang fashion line in 2020. The mostly monochrome, minimalist and unisex collection is divided into “cookies” (core pieces) and “sparkles” (novelty items).
Team Wang Design has an artistic theme to its designs. Photo: @teamwangdesign/Instagram

Team Wang Design collaborated with Palm Angels for a line featuring Chinese ink paintings, and had a sparkles collection inspired by Claude Monet’s painting Impression, Sunrise.

7. Tempus Studio by Lee Dong-hae (Super Junior)

Tempus Studio was founded by Super Junior’s Lee Dong-hae in 2018. Photo: Tempus Studio

The 35-year old K-pop idol launched Tempus Studio with his brother, Lee Donghwa, in 2018. The unisex fashion brand features printed tees, jumpers and loungewear in both natural hues and bright colours.

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Lee Dong-hae and Eunhae are both K-pop artists. Photo: Tempus Studio

Tempus Studio is run by Lee Dong-hae’s family, according to K-pop Starz, and features a mix of mid-range to high-end priced items.

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  • Bigbang’s G-Dragon has worked with Vogue, Giuseppe Zanotti, Redbull, Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Nike for Peaceminusone, while Baekhyun’s BBH hired TXT’s Yeonjun
  • Kard’s BM donates part of Staydium’s profits to charity; F.T. Island’s Lee Gong-gi launched Skull Hong; and Super Junior’s Lee Dong-hae has Tempus Studio