5 of the most expensive Michael Jackson memorabilia ever sold: Kim Kardashian bought an outfit for North and Lady Gaga owns 55 garments – but which Hong Kong tycoon has the Moonwalk glove?

Lady Gaga is a massive Michael Jackson fan, buying 55 pieces of memorabilia related to the late King of Pop. Photos: @hisflannelcure/Twitter

Throughout his legendary lifetime, Michael Jackson accumulated not only unparalleled levels of fame and success, but also vast material wealth.

Some of the late, so-called King of Pop’s most prized possessions are commonly known. Of these, the most renowned would arguably include his famed Neverland Ranch, its menagerie of zoo animals as well as a host of artworks and classic film relics.

Moreover, by the time of his tragic passing 13 years ago, the Don’t Stop ‘til You Get Enough singer had amassed an unrivalled personal collection of fashion and pop culture memorabilia.

Michael Jackson’s memory lives on over a decade since his passing. Photo: @__m.j.the.king__/Instagram

Considering the superstar’s universal popularity, it’s unsurprising that many of these items have since been auctioned off for huge sums of money.


In celebration of Jackson’s birthday later this month, on August 29, (he would have turned 64 this year), let’s look at some of the most impressive items auctioned off to some of the world’s most famous faces and wealthiest individuals.

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1. Michael Jackson’s glove from his 1983 performance of Billie Jean: US$420,000

A collection of Michael Jackson memorabilia, including the now iconic rhinestone-studded glove he wore when he performed his first moonwalk dance in 1983, being sold at auction. Photo: AP
When he first introduced the world to his now-quintessential dance move, the Moonwalk, Jackson was performing on the Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever 1983 television special. During the momentous performance, the Billie Jean singer was famously wearing a single, sparkly white glove.

Fast forward 26 years later to November 2009, only a few months after Jackson’s death, and the iconic glove was included in an auction of some of the pop star’s most notable possessions. Taking place at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York, the Julien’s Auction sell-off saw the glove receive a winning bid from Hong Kong businessman Hoffman Ma.

Hoffman Ma of Ponte 16 in Macau, speaks to the media after purchasing Michael Jackson’s iconic sequinned glove for US$420,000 (including the 25 per cent buyer’s premium) from Julien’s Auctions in November 2009, at Hard Rock Cafe in New York. Photo: AP

Per SFGate, Ma bid on the sequinned glove on behalf of Ponte 16 Resort Hotel in Macau and ultimately spent US$420,000 (including taxes and buyer’s premium) on an item that many fans and experts consider the “Holy Grail” of Jackson memorabilia.

2. The Michael and Michael autographed basketball: US$304,000

The Michael and Michael autographed basketball, US$304,000. Photo: Julien’s Live
The next costly collectible features the autograph of not one, but two world-famous Michaels; namely Michael Jackson and basketball legend Michael Jordan.

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The Spalding basketball was featured in the music video to Jackson’s hit song Jam, which also starred Jordan. Written across the ball are the messages “Love Michael Jackson” and “Best Wishes Michael Jordan”.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the big-ticket basketball was part of an auction held in 2010, also by Julien’s Auction. The initial estimates put the selling price of the basketball at between US$600 to US$800, which makes the final closing sale of US$304,000 that much more impressive. As per NDTV, the basketball’s winning bid was from an anonymous internet bidder.

3. The Thriller jacket: US$1.8 million

Michael Jackson wore the red-and-black leather jacket for his iconic Thriller music video. Photo: Julien’s Auctions

Another instantly recognisable piece from Jackson’s vast collection would be the red-and-black leather jacket he wore in the groundbreaking Thriller music video. Included at an auction in Los Angeles in 2011, the jacket was sold to affluent Texan gold trader, Milton Verret.

Milton Verret reportedly brought Michael Jackson’s Thriller jacket to the hospital for all the kids to take pictures with. Photo: Melissa Owen/Facebook

So, what was the ultimate cost of the crimson coat?

The worn and signed Thriller jacket that belonged to Michael Jackson is shown at Julien’s Auctions, in Beverly Hills, California. Photo: AP

According to Rolling Stone, Verret paid an incredible US$1.8 million for the legendary leather piece, which he planned to exhibit at a children’s hospital in Austin, Texas, as per CultureMap Austin.

4. Lady Gaga’s 55 garments and costumes: hundreds of thousands of dollars

Michael Jackson accumulated millions of fans during his lifetime – and after his death. Photo: @ladygaganownet/Twitter
Next on the list of winning bidders is Lady Gaga. In a 2012 auction, also run by Julien’s Auction, the Born This Way hitmaker snatched up not one but 55 of Jackson’s garments and costumes.

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Included in the lot was the jacket Jackson wore during his Bad tour, as well as the coat he wore on a 1990 visit to the White House. Gaga was later seen wearing that same jacket at a Hillary Clinton political rally in 2016.

Lady Gaga wore one of her Michael Jackson jackets at a Hillary Clinton political rally in 2016. Photo: @ladygaganownet/Twitter

As reported by Rolling Stones, Gaga is believed to have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for all the pieces, which she tweeted would be “archived and expertly cared for in the spirit and love of Michael Jackson, his bravery and fans worldwide”.

5. The velvet jacket and the fedora hat: US$121,000

Kim Kardashian splurged on Michael Jackson memorabilia for her kids. Photo: @kimkardashian/Instagram
For Christmas, many kids hope to receive gifts like Barbies, Lego or video games. However, if your mother is reality TV star and global media personality Kim Kardashian, you can expect something a little more extravagant around the holidays.
Actress Elizabeth Taylor arrives with singer Michael Jackson for the taping of “Happy Birthday Elizabeth – A Celebration of Life”. Photo: Reuters

Such was the case when, in 2019, Kardashian bought two prestigious pieces from Jackson’s collection as a Christmas present for daughter North. The festive bounty included the velvet jacket Jackson wore at Elizabeth Taylor’s 65th birthday celebrations as well as the fedora hat he donned in the smash hit music video to Smooth Criminal.

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Michael Jackson wearing his iconic fedora hat on stage. Photo: @TeamKanyeDaily/Twitter
But how much did these auction items ultimately go for? For the star-studded jacket the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star paid US$65,000 while the Smooth Criminal accessory raked in an impressive US$56,000.

Sharing her auction wins on her Instagram Stories, Kardashian remarked that the jacket had been tailored to fit North and Jackson’s make-up could still be seen on the historic hat.

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  • Kim K tailored the velvet jacket that Jackson wore to Elizabeth Taylor’s birthday for her daughter North, and bought the fedora hat he wore in Smooth Criminal’s MV
  • Lady Gaga splashed her cash on 55 pieces and donned the same iconic jacket for a Hillary Clinton rally that he wore to the White House – but who bought the Thriller jacket for US$1.8 million?