Meet Oman’s first-ever crown prince, Sayyid Theyazin: the dashing son of Sultan Haitham studied at Oxford and Mohammed bin Salman congratulated him on his 2021 wedding

Crown Prince Sayyid Theyazin is next in line for the Omani throne, after his father. Photo: @SondosFromARA/Twitter

Crown princes are fine gentlemen living their best lives as heirs to their respective thrones. They are literally kings in the making patiently waiting for their turn in various parts of the world.

Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein might be one of the best known in the Middle Eastern region. but he is not the only royal heartthrob in the area. Quietly making a run for his money is none other than Oman’s Crown Prince Sayyid Theyazin, the heir to the throne of the Sultanate of Oman.

So who is he and what are some of the most fascinating facts about the 32-year-old royal?

He is the eldest son of the sitting sultan of Oman

Haitham Bin Tariq became sultan of Oman in 2020 after his cousin Sultan Qaboos bin Said passed away. Photo: @theyazin_alsaid/Instagram

Crown Prince Sayyid is the eldest son of Sultan Haitham bin Tariq – a cousin of the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said, who ruled the Arabian country for almost 50 years. Celebrity Net Worth once estimated the late sultan’s net worth at a whopping US$900 million.

Sultan Haitham Bin Tariq of Oman has four children with his wife Ahad bint Abdullah. Photo: @royalomanfamily/Instagram

Unlike his predecessor, who didn’t have children, the current Sultan of Oman has four: Sayyid has one brother and two sisters. Their mother is Ahad bint Abdullah, who holds the royal title of consort of the sultan of Oman.

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He is Oman’s first-ever crown prince

Crown Prince Sayyid Theyazin is the son of the current sultan of Oman. Photo: @theyazin_alsaid/Instagram

According to The Washington Post, Crown Prince Sayyid’s dad was appointed sultan based upon a letter left by the late Sultan Qaboos. The Omani line of succession had no direct heir to the throne after one of the longest-tenured world leaders passed away in 2020.

Sayyid Theyazin became Oman’s first crown prince thanks to a new royal decree set up in 2021. Photo: @royalomanfamily/Instagram
Since then, Sultan Haitham has put in place a structure for the future of the Omani throne. Per the Oman Observer, a 2021 royal decree advocated the appointment of a crown prince, which eventually led to the country welcoming Crown Prince Sayyid as the first of its kind.

He has first-hand experience working for a government office

Crown Prince Sayyid studied at Oxford University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in political science. Photo: @theyazin_alsaid/Instagram

Crown Prince Sayyid, like his father, also studied abroad. He went to Oxford University and earned a bachelor’s degree in political science. According to Gulf News, the heir to the Omani throne also worked as a second secretary at the Omani embassy in Britain.

Oman’s Crown Prince Sayyid has been in the UK for some time. Photo: @royalomanfamily/Instagram

The good-looking prince recently made headlines when he graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the UK in July. Emirates Woman reported that the Sultan of Oman and his consort were in attendance during the ceremony.

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He serves as the country’s minister of culture, youth and sports

Crown Prince Sayyid of Oman is the nation’s minister of culture, youth and sports. Photo: @arabiandailyofficial/Instagram

With the sultan holding multiple government positions during his formative years, the crown prince is no stranger to public administration. He has been keeping busy as the country’s current minister of culture, youth and sports.

Belgium’s King Philippe and Queen Mathilde visited Oman in February, where they were greeted by Crown Prince Sayyid. Photo: @theyazin_alsaid/Instagram
In February, he was part of the entourage who welcomed Belgium’s King Philippe and Queen Mathilde on the European royals’ visit to Oman.

He got married in 2021 and received a message from a fellow crown prince

Sayyida Meyyan married the Crown Prince Sayyid of Oman in late 2021. Photo: @CoutureRoyals/Twitter

Unfortunately for some royalty onlookers, the dashing crown prince is off the market. In 2021, he tied the knot with Sayyida Meyyan, the daughter of Oman’s deputy prime minister for defence affairs.

Crown Prince Sayyid apparently got a call from Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman wishing him well on his new marriage. Photo: @theyazin_alsaid/Instagram
The news made quite the buzz within the Arabian monarchy ranks, as one of the most well-known crown princes in the world, Mohammed bin Salman, extended his best wishes. The Saudi Gazette reported that the Saudi heir apparently gave the Omani crown prince a telephone call to wish the newlyweds success and happiness.
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  • Jordan’s Prince Hussein isn’t the only royal heartthrob in the Middle East – Oman’s Sayyid Theyazin has been making headlines as the nation’s first crown prince
  • He’s Oman’s minister of culture, youth and sports, welcoming Belgium’s King Philippe and Queen Mathilde on their royal visit, and married Sayyida Meyyan in 2021