Who will inherit Queen Elizabeth’s royal jewellery, tiaras and brooches? King Charles is likely to receive private heirlooms, but Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle may get some Princess Diana gems

Who will inherit Queen Elizabeth’s royal jewellery collection? Photos: EPA, handout
When King Charles III inherited a new title upon the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, on September 8, he also likely acquired her extensive jewel, crown and brooch collection.

Some of these items will remain part of the Crown Jewels, a collection of royal ceremonial objects on public display at the Tower of London. However, the queen’s private collection – worth millions of US dollars and comprised of family heirlooms, gifts, and items bought by the monarch herself – is expected to be passed down to members of the Windsor family, starting with King Charles.

The British Crown Jewels on display inside the Tower of London. Photo: Getty Images
“It is likely that she would want to pass on items from her private collection to her loved ones,” royal commentator Josh Rom told the New York Post. “The bulk of the collection will pass to Charles – with Camilla as his queen consort – and then Kate, so they may not be left anything big [in the will].”
One of the replica sets of the British Crown Jewels made in honour of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953 goes on view at Sotheby’s in January 2018, in London, England. Photo: Getty Images/Sotheby’s

According to Vanity Fair, the royal collection began during the reign of Queen Victoria in the 1800s, when the former monarch began collecting jewels as the British Empire expanded. The collection continued to grow during the reign of Queen Mary, who amassed extravagant pieces during her world travels and through connections with jewellers and world leaders, Vanity Fair reported. Many of Queen Mary’s jewels were gifted to her granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth, who subsequently loaned out various pieces during her 70 years on the throne.

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The Cartier Halo tiara

The Cartier Halo tiara. Photo: Cartier
The Cartier Halo tiara was first commissioned in 1936 by King George VI as a gift for his wife, Queen Elizabeth, aka queen mother, according to Vogue France. She gifted it to her daughter, then Princess Elizabeth, on her 18th birthday. It contains 739 brilliant-cut diamonds and 149 baguette diamonds, and was worn by Kate Middleton at her wedding.

The Diamond Bandeau

Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau, which was worn by Meghan Markle for her wedding to Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. Photo: AFP

Meghan Markle sported Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau during her May 2018 wedding to Prince Harry.

Rom told the New York Post that it’s possible the queen will bequeath the crowns to the same royals who borrowed them, though it’s worth noting that there would be hefty inheritance taxes on the heirlooms if this were the case.

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Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring

Princess Diana and her sapphire engagement ring. Photos: @dianaforeverremembered/Instagram

Kate already has the sapphire engagement ring that once belonged to Diana. According to Marie Claire, William presented the ring – a 12-carat blue sapphire engagement ring surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds – when he proposed to Kate in Kenya in 2010.

The Spencer tiara

The Spencer Tiara was passed down through John Spencer’s three daughters. Photo: @lafetechic/Twitter
The diamond-encrusted Spencer tiara Princess Diana wore to her 1981 nuptials will reportedly be passed down to Princess Charlotte.

According to Hello! magazine, the Spencer tiara was put on display at an exhibition in London earlier this year, accompanied by text that said Diana’s eldest granddaughter would one day own the diadem.

The text reads that it was first inherited by John Spencer, the eighth Earl Spencer and was subsequently worn by all three of his daughters at their weddings: Lady Jane in 1978, Lady Sarah in 1980, and Lady Diana in 1981.

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The tiara was most recently worn by Celia McCorquodale – niece of the 10th Earl Spencer Charles – at her wedding in 2018. It says that the Spencer Tiara is now set to be inherited by Princess Charlotte.

New York Post noted if the crown jewels were left in her will, the recipients would be required to pay a 40 per cent inheritance tax on them.

Given the value of some of these items, he said it might be in the best interest of the family to leave the items as part of the royal collection.

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  • Spectators are wondering what will happen to the Cartier Halo and Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau … and is Princess Charlotte getting the Spencer Tiara?