6 of Queen Elizabeth’s most opulent jewellery pieces, from the Cartier brooch King George gifted for her wedding to Prince Philip, to the Victorian Suite set – but which did Kate Middleton borrow?

Queen Elizabeth’s most opulent jewellery pieces. Photos: Handouts, @britishroyaljewels/Instagram

During her decades as a monarch, Queen Elizabeth was known to appear in public with every bit of elegance and grace as a ruler. With blinding tiaras, humongous diamonds and sometimes simple pearls, the late queen made style statements that were just as regal as many thought she was.

Queen Elizabeth with St Edward’s Crown, the centrepiece of the crown jewels of the United Kingdom. Photo: Handout
Following her passing at Balmoral Castle, questions about the inheritance of her iconic jewels, including gifts and personal collections, came to light. But, according to British media, the answer is not that simple. Royal experts claim that the precious and priceless jewels are likely to be passed down to the next sovereign, King Charles III, following the usual tradition where personal assets are given from one ruler to the next.
Diamond tiaras are displayed at Bradley & Skinner, an antique and period jewellery specialist in London. Photo: AP Photo

Experts also state that King Charles III is likely to hold them as a single collection while loaning the pieces to family members on occasions just as Queen Elizabeth once did.

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While the queen had plenty of jewels in her collection that would probably not fit into a single list, we lay out the six most gorgeous pieces that include the queen’s favourites as well as sentimental gifts she received from family members and politicians.

1. Three-Strand Pearl Necklace

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth smiles wearing her iconic Three Strand Pearl Necklace as she as she inspects a rank of Chelsea Pensioners at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, in London, on Founder’s Day, in 2006. Photo: EPA
Simple, elegant and ever so pricey, this gleaming Three Strand Pearl Necklace made numerous appearances on the queen’s neck in almost every daytime event she appeared at.

This necklace is said to be one of three identical sets, per British media. One was a gift she received from her grandfather, King George V, while the second set with a near-replica look was said to have been given to her by the Emir of Qatar. And the third set is said to have been created by the late ruler herself.

2. The Edinburgh Wedding Bracelet

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth owns one of the most incredible jewellery collections on the globe. Photo: @britishroyaljewels/Instagram

The late queen received plenty of wedding presents in the form of priceless bling during her lifetime. One of the most meaningful pieces was a specially designed wedding bracelet that was gifted to her by her husband, Prince Philip, the former Duke of Edinburgh, per The Court Jeweller.

Nicknamed “The Edinburgh Bracelet”, this piece of jewellery was customised from Romanov diamonds that were taken from the tiara the prince’s mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg, had given him, as per the same source.

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Queen Elizabeth’s Edinburgh Bracelet was a gift from her late husband Prince Philip. Photo: @britishroyaljewels/Instagram

The only other person who has worn this sentimental piece in public is Kate Middleton, according to Hello! magazine. The late queen had loaned it to her on several occasions including the BAFTAs. The bracelet remained in Queen Elizabeth’s jewellery box for 70 years, per The Court Jeweller.

3. Priceless brooches

Queen Elizabeth sat on the throne for over 70 years. Photo: @britishroyaljewels/Instagram

These accessories of hers came with a major price tag and even bigger gemstones. One of her most notable pins was the Cullinan III and IV Brooch. This jaw-dropping piece of jewellery compromised the famous Cullinan Diamond that was discovered way back in 1905, as per The Court Jeweller.

Queen Elizabeth was renowned for her grace and natural elegance. Photo: @britishroyaljewels/Instagram

The brooch was originally made by Queen Mary and was then passed down to her granddaughter Queen Elizabeth. According to the Royal Collection Trust, the top square-shaped stone weighs 63.6 carats and the bottom pear-shaped diamond weighs a whopping 94.4 carats. This heavy set brooch is thought to be the most expensive in the world, per British media.

Queen Elizabeth’s Flower Basket brooch was reportedly a gift from her parents when baby Charles was born. Photo: @britishroyaljewels/Instagram

The late queen also owned a Flower Basket ruby, emerald and sapphire brooch that was given to her by her parents when the queen’s first child, then Prince Charles was born, as per The Court Jeweller.

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Queen Elizabeth passed away on September 8, at Balmoral Castle, Scotland. Photo: @britishroyaljewels/Instagram

The brooch made an appearance on her dresses on many occasions over the decades. Her parents also gave her Aquamarine Cartier Clips on her 18th birthday, as per various sources.

Queen Elizabeth’s extensive brooch collection has often made her the topic of headlines. Photo: @britishroyaljewels/Instagram

But her favourite is believed to be the Scarab brooch, which was a personal gift given to her by her husband in 1966, per Town & Country magazine.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth smiles as she is greeted by well-wishers during a tour at Trinity College in Dublin in 2011. Photo: AFP

Made by Anglo-Italian designer Andrew Grima, the queen proudly showed off this symbol of love and loyalty during her and Prince Philip’s official platinum anniversary portrait in 2017, as per

4. The Greville Chandelier Earrings

Queen Elizabeth’s Greville Chandelier Earrings hang elegantly with any lavish ensemble. Photo: @britishroyaljewels/Instagram

Hanging like the gorgeous chandeliers, these intricate Cartier diamond earrings were also a gift from her parents for her marriage to Prince Philip, as per The Court Jeweller.

Queen Elizabeth didn’t actually wear earrings until she pierced her ears at age 25. Photo: @britishroyaljewels/Instagram

The earrings were special as they feature a range of modern diamond cuts, per The Royal Collection. But the late queen only wore it four years after the wedding, on her Coronation Day, as she hadn’t pierced her ears at the time when the earrings were given to her, as per Good Housekeeping.

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5. The Four-Row Japanese Pearl Choker

Queen Elizabeth was often photographed wearing pearls. Photo: @britishroyaljewels/Instagram

Commissioned by the queen herself, this beautiful necklace showcased her apparent love for pearls while keeping up the sophisticated style of the monarch, per Good Housekeeping.

Princess Diana wearing Queen Elizabeth’s pearl choker. Photo: @WornOnThisDay/Twitter

The pearls were said to have been made from within her own collection. According to The Court Jeweller, this was a gift given to her by the Japanese government in the 1970s when she made a state visit to the country. Her majesty had once loaned it to the late Princess Diana when she was seen wearing it to a banquet at Hampton Court Palace in 1982, per Good Housekeeping.

6. The Victorian Suite of Sapphire and Diamond Set

Queen Elizabeth wearing the opulent Victorian Suite of Sapphire and Diamond Set. Photo: Handout

Glimmering like the deep blue of the ocean, the Victorian Suite consisted of a pair of sapphire and diamond earrings and a necklace that was another wedding gift the queen had received, per Royal Central.

The Victorian Suite of Sapphire and Diamond Set was reportedly a gift from King George VI. Photo: @britishroyaljewels/Instagram

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This set of jewellery was originally made in the 1850s by her father, King George VI. The necklace consists of oblong sapphires that are surrounded by round diamonds and collets.

A pair of hanging earrings with the same gems was part of the set. Later, the queen commissioned a tiara with a matching set of gems to complete the Victorian set that is seen today, per the same source.

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  • Queen Elizabeth passed away at age 96 in September, and was known for her elegance and style – which included lavish jewellery, from pearls and diamonds to brooches
  • She’s received plenty of priceless heirlooms from Queen Mary, King Charles V, Queen Mother, Emir of Qatar, Prince Philip and even the Japanese government