Blackpink’s Jennie and BTS’ V’s ‘romance’ heats up: new leaked photos are adding fuel to the dating rumours, from a kiss at Jeju Island to a hug at a Born Pink party - but some fans aren’t convinced

Are BTS’ V and Blackpink’s Jennie dating? Here’s everything you need to know. Photos: @1TD6K9DEMuJ5iAq, @jennierubyjane/Twitter

Massively popular Korean girl group Blackpink has finally made its much awaited comeback with its second full length studio album, Born Pink.

On September 16, the music video for title track “Shut Down” was released but that’s not the only reason the band made headlines lately. Around the same time, dating rumours around Jennie and V from BTS resurfaced after more pictures supposedly of them on a Jeju date were leaked.

Is this further evidence that the two K-pop icons are an item? Here’s how speculations of their relationship have progressed and why it’s all starting to look more real.

A slip of the thumb?

V followed, then unfollowed, Jennie on Instagram in December 2021. Photo: @JinsMullet_/Instagram

According to Allkpop, V and Jennie’s dating rumours started in December 2021, when V followed – then promptly unfollowed – Jennie on Instagram. The BTS member then went on to Korean fan community platform, WeVerse, to explain that he had “accidentally” followed Jennie after her profile appeared in his recommendations.


Luckily, fans of both idols laughed it off as an easy mistake and rumours were dismissed as quickly as V had retracted his follow.

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Those Jeju Island lookalikes

The picture that seems to show Blackpink’s Jennie and BTS’ V on holiday together. Photo: @dailyfashion_news/Instagram

Later in May 2022, a photo of two people travelling in Jeju Island was uploaded on May 22. The caption on the image, translated by Koreaboo, read: “This is a photo that was sent in today. It might be that they’re lookalikes, but it is allegedly a photo of two top idols. The female idol, in particular, has been rumoured to have broken up with an OG idol member. So fans seem to be more receptive to this photo as true.”

The “OG idol member” is second generation K-pop idol and Jennie’s label mate, BigBang’s G-Dragon. The two had been in an unconfirmed relationship for over a year when fans noticed that G-Dragon had unfollowed Jennie on Instagram. That made netizens believe the two had ended their relationship, which led to further speculation that maybe Jennie and V were in a relationship after all.
Jennie’s hair was dyed orange around the time of the rumoured Jeju trip. Photo: @jennierubyjane/Instagram

According to Koreaboo, BTS and Blackpink fans dismissed the rumours, stating that Jennie’s hair was dyed orange at the time the image surfaced, unlike the woman in the photo. Others claimed the images were not real at all, just a good Photoshop job.


However, rumours of them dating continued to make rounds on social media platforms and news headlines. It didn’t help that neither of the artists’ representative labels made a strong statement to shut down the speculation.

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The calm before the storm

Jennie in V’s flat. Photo: @gurumiharibo/Twitter

Things had been quiet for Jennie and V for a couple months until fans received a shock after new pictures were released back to back on August 23 and 24.

The photos showed the two idols posing in front of a mirror, which many BTS fans recognised as the entrance of V’s flat. Another image showed Jennie leaning against a wall, taking the picture while V’s stylist got him ready in the foreground.

As messy as the dating rumours were already getting, more images of the duo in Jeju were leaked on September 16. Their potential romance connection seems to be harder to deny with each picture.

The widely speculated Jeju date of V and Jennie? Photo: @gurumiharibo/Twitter

These newer images clearly show Jennie’s face as she leans against V who places a light kiss on her forehead.


These pictures further cemented netizen’s beliefs that the two might be involved in a romantic relationship. “Taennie” – combining V’s real name Taehyung and Jennie – is already trending on Twitter with constant updates from fans who have dug up more information to supposedly either prove or deny the dating rumours.

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Meeting family and friends?

Fans suspect V is in Jennie’s bed, snuggling up to her mum’s cat in this photo. Photo: @jh0pe_h0se0k/Twitter

A major step in a relationship is meeting your partner’s family and friends. Based on leaked images, V may have already done both.


Previously, there were rumours surrounding a photo of V snuggling with a cat, which netizens have claimed actually belongs to Jennie’s mum. Allkpop also reported that netizens believe the picture was also taken on Jennie’s bed. Fans reached this conclusion by comparing a picture of Jennie’s bed to V’s photo, finding similarities in the headboard and bedsheets.

An video of the duo seemingly hugging and dancing can be found all over Twitter, too. It seems the BTS member attended an exclusive Blackpink party on September 14.

A comeback with a side of scandal

A photo of Jennie with V as his stylist helps him get ready. Photo: @guruminews/Twitter

While the authenticity of the leaked images are still a hot topic among fans, both Jennie and V come from big agencies in the K-pop industry. In fact, the K-pop market is dominated by the “Big 4”, which includes both YG and Hybe, Jennie and V’s agencies, respectively.


Considering the high profile status of both idols and the scale at which the dating scandal has blown up, it is surprising that neither YG or Hybe have made a clear statement to dispel the rumours. In fact, the agencies have said nothing on the matter until recently. South Korean news portal Newsen reported that both companies said “it is difficult” to confirm or deny the rumours as it involves the idols’ personal matters.

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Dating rumours of V and Jennie two are beginning to look very real as their more photos leak. Photo: @gurumiharibo/Twitter

On top of that, according to Kpopping, some netizens seem to be questioning why Twitter user @gurumiharibo, whose account is now deleted, was leaking the images on the same day as Blackpink’s comeback. The timing has raised some suspicions regarding whether it might have been a calculated move to draw more attention to the two K-pop artists. However, other fans have raised points that neither Jennie nor V are exactly in need of any publicity stunts.


According to Asiaone, Jennie also removed all of her followers from her private Instagram account, raising concerns about whether someone close to her might have been the one to expose what might have been private pictures.

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  • Hot on the heels of Blackpink’s comeback and second album release announcement, ‘Taennie’ – a combo of Kim Taehyung, V’s real name, and Jennie – made headlines with new leaked pics
  • The photos seemingly show more of that alleged Jeju Island date, plus V apparently curled up on Jennie’s bed; meanwhile, Hybe and YG Entertainment finally broke their silence