Meet Ayla Sham Yuet, Chingmy Yau’s fashionista daughter: her mum is a Hong Kong actress and her dad a millionaire tycoon, she walked the runway at London Fashion Week … and might debut in Korea

Born to celebrity parents, Ayla Sham Yuet herself is also intent on entering the entertainment industry and might debut in Korea under the stage name “Ayla”. Photo: @yuetyuetxx/Instagram

Actress Chingmy Yau was one of the most well-known actresses in Hong Kong in the 1990s. Known for her appeal in films such as Naked Killer and I’m Your Birthday Cake!, she was nominated three times for best actress at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

After splitting from director Wong Jing in 1999, Yau married millionaire tycoon Sham Kar-wai, and the couple has been in the limelight since. Today, the pair has three daughters – Sham Yuet, Sham Yat and Sham Chen.

Chingmy Yau (centre) with her eldest daughter Sham Yuet (left) and second daughter Sham Yat (right) in Paris, France. Photo: @yuetyuetxx/Instagram
Eldest daughter Ayla Sham Yuet is a 21-year-old model entering the showbiz world, but she has received backlash for being a “nepotism baby”.

So apart from her modelling career, what else do we know about her?

A budding fashionista

Ayla Sham was born to famous parents and grew up with a silver spoon. Photo: @yuetyuetxx/Instagram

Born in 2001, Sham is not only good-looking, graceful and the spitting image of her mum, but she’s also no stranger to a life of luxurious trappings.

The 21-year-old has attended many fashion events, graced magazine covers and made her runway debut at the 2019 London Fashion Week. Local media have praised her as the “most beautiful second generation of stars”. She’s even friends with Princess Maria Carolina of Bourbon, according to Vogue Hong Kong.

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Ayla Sham started modelling from a young age. Photo: @yuetyuetxx/Instagram

In fact, Sham already looked like a star when she was just nine years old. According to Sundaymore, although her mother did not want her daughter to enter showbiz too early, Yau still managed to get Sham a few charity photo shoots so that she could be exposed to the fashion industry from a young age.

In 2019, Sham, who was only 17 years old at the time, walked down the runway at London Fashion Week and promoted her father’s company’s brand, Izzue, per Elle HK.

Sham Yuet was featured on the cover of Elle HK twice. Photo: @yuetyuetxx/Instagram

That same year, in December, she also graced the cover of Elle HK. A little over a year later, she once again appeared on the same magazine in the January 2021 issue.

Her road to acting

Ayla Sham’s future in the entertainment industry perhaps lies in Korea. Photo: @yuetyuetxx/Instagram
During the first half of 2022, Sham went to Korea to attend several fashion events and met with Korean artists, according to Sohu. There are also reports that Sham has signed a contract with a Korean agency and is planning to officially debut in Korea under the stage name “Ayla”.

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Sham also wanted to enter the entertainment industry in China, but there’s already an actress named Yuet Sham in the mainland. She changed her name to Ayla in order to avoid confusion, telling Oriental Sunday that the four letters in her name stand for Adventure, Youthquake, Love and A little bit of creativity.

Ayla Sham may only be 21, but she has already modelled for many brands. Photo: @yuetyuetxx/Instagram

Sham also shared that she loves to sing and dance and enjoys modelling, according to Sohu. With her natural talent and hard work, Sham is clearly making great strides in pursuing her dreams.

Her down-to-earth daily life

Ayla Sham can also be casual during her down time. Photo: @yuetyuetxx/Instagram

Sham may be the picture of sophistication at fashion events, but she has a more chilled-out side in her daily life too, as seen in on her social media accounts. She still looks beautiful even without make-up, and fans love her sweet, cute looks, per Cosmopolitan HK.

Unlike some nepotism babies, Ayla Sham is grateful for her parents’ help. Photo: @yuetyuetxx/Instagram

In an interview with Oriental Sunday, she said that she now has multiple identities: student, model, daughter, sister, editor, writer and amateur chef. She added that she has worked hard to manage each of these roles and has always met life’s challenges with enthusiasm and courage.

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As the eldest daughter, Sham has always been grateful for the help she received from her parents, and via Sohu, has repeatedly said that her mother is her goddess and role model. Talk about daughterly love!

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  • Born to famous parents – Hong Kong actress Chingmy Yau and fashion tycoon Sham Kar-wai – Ayla Sham Yuet knows a thing or two about the showbiz world, from walking runways to gracing magazine covers
  • The 21-year-old model may have signed with a Korean agency and, unlike certain other ‘nepotism babies’, has openly appreciated her parents’ help, even calling her mum her ‘goddess’