The new fashion dilemma that my glam squad faces this season is not so much what to wear, but what not to wear. According to all the buzz sites, the hot celeb fad of the summer is to go au naturel – from our faces to our ladies.

The internet spent weeks weighing in on Alicia Keys’ decision to go to the VMAs make-up-free – and for the cyber world, that’s a long shelf-life, particularly since she literally didn’t do anything. Poor Kim Kardashian probably spent days carefully layering on the face paint and angling her lopsided dress just-so, but did she get her own hashtag for her trouble? She did not. #unfair – especially since it takes considerable skill to show off 90 per cent of your décolletage without actually getting to the point, as it were.

Speaking of which, while it’s been a common red carpet and runway practice for starlets to leave their Agent Provocateur brassieres at home – to better show off those low-plunging dresses – “Free the Nipple” is making a comeback from its hippy days as a campaign for female equality yet again. Model Chrissy Teigen recently let it all hang out, especially in connection with promoting the right for mothers to breastfeed in public without shame.

For my clique of “aristocratic” princesses, we have already had several heated discussions about liberating our ladies. Intense arguments have stopped post-yoga kale salad lunches and even detox spa-rties as we debated whether we would wear certain tops au naturel underneath.

The ones from more conservative families or have bigger assets shake their heads and suggest no way they would expose themselves so much, especially given Hong Kong paparazzi’s fondness for zooming in. But the more free-spirited of us thought, “hell yeah”, citing the comfort factor in muggy weather. Like school, this is an instance where it’s good to have As or Bs.

It might not be a large weight lifted off your chest but it certainly feels good without the restricted cups and scratchy rib-cage friction. Then again, there are the party girls who just like getting extra attention for their perky headlights. Kim might have brought the booty back, but Kendall is the one making headlines with her sheer tops showcasing her nipple ring.

Alas, Hong Kong isn’t quite as liberal as Hollywood. For an open back top, you definitely don’t want to wear a bra and resemble an unsophisticated hick. But most girls don’t want to go totally free and risk a Jackson-worthy wardrobe malfunction. This is why double-sided tape is sometimes a girl’s breast friend.

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