The data centre-theme might seem underwhelming compared to Chanel’s other extravagant shows from couture atelier to airport, but it provides a perfect playground for hi-tech references, colours - cue the rainbow-hued wire cords, shapes and forms - metallic grids and eclectic optical fibre prints.​

Models adorned with white cyborg helmets and gloves, dressed in classic Chanel tweed suits opened the show- we wouldn’t be surprised if the robot-look reincarnated into the next “it” bag charms - and it turns out that head designer and creative director Karl Lagerfeld is way ahead of us.

One of Chanel’s spring novelty bags is in the shape of a robot adorned with crystal-encrusted details to mimic its electronic chip. Boxy chained clutch bags that look like a pixel block are rendered in a rainbow of vibrant colours.

The styling of the collection will appeal to millennials - Chanel fan Willow Smith will probably be sporting the tweed snapback caps in no time - yet the individual look is essentially Chanel.

Tweed jackets feature the palette taken from cable cords and construction of electric grid. The references were then juxatoposed with delicate retroesque lingerie-laced camisoles and slips which Lagerfeld referred to as “intimate technology”.

The pioneer of wearable tech who has experimented on 3D printed fabrics and textiles doesn’t hold back for this cyber-chic collection that has everyone excited about spring.