Get inspired by our stylish guests Mark Lui, Akim Mousterou and Luigi Solito of Sartoria Solito. Read about their personal preferences and pick your favourite items to invest in.


Mark Lui, celebrated composer

Playfulness and fun are the foundation of Lui’s fashion sense. As a composer, he sees everything as a process of creation. Fashion to him is a game that involves creative mixing-and-matching and playing with classic items to create a fresh look.

“My wardrobe is full of suits, dress shirts, and men’s accessories such as ties, pocket handkerchiefs, scarves and glasses. Jeans and other denim items are also essential to me. Once you’ve found something that fits you, you will always be attracted by the same type of items. They will fill your wardrobe and [you will] build up a consistent style.”

“High-quality garments are always a good investment. Good cashmere sweaters can stay in shape for a long time and keep you warm. However, no matter what kind of style you like, the most important thing is that your outfit is well-suited to you. A tailored suit in navy colour is definitely an evergreen item.”


Akim Mousterou, luxury business consultant

Staying true to his Parisian roots and inspired by artists, musicians and writers from the ’50s and ’60s and often seen in formal clothing, luxury business consultant Mousterou loves to mix tailored elements with a few casual items to create his own style.

“I think the most important thing for a man is to know a good place for alterations of his clothes. Every man is different. Most of the time, ready-to-wear garments don’t fit their body shape. It’s important to have your clothes altered in order to feel comfortable and stay chic.”

“Another must-have is a two-button single breasted suit in a midnight blue fabric, if possible, a bespoke suit handcrafted by a master tailor. A well-tailored suit gives you tremendous confidence. During meetings, before any words are spoken, your appearance says many things about you. Blue is easy to wear at work and you will stay elegant until late in the evening.”


Luigi Solito, master tailor of Italian bespoke suit-maker Sartoria Solito

The third generation of the family tailoring business, Solito knows sartorial excellence more than anyone else. The house’s Neapolitan style is simple and soft with minimal padding and more room across the chest for comfort.

“It is important that every gentleman should have a blue suit, a grey suit and grey trousers. With these three items, you can change the shirt, tie, pocket square or shoes to mix and match and you are ready to go. For the weekends, you need two to three things like a cotton suit, a linen suit and a tweed jacket. With six to seven suits or jackets in total, one can survive a season.”

What makes the perfect suit? “For me, the perfect suit is a suit that [perfectly fits] the body of a man. Because no suit is completely perfect. It is perfect for only one man. Each man has [different] problems with the body and bespoke suits can solve those problems.”

Solito shares his thoughts on suiting up in style: 

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