Fashion and wellness are Charlotte Tsuei’s passion. The Taipei-born, San Francisco-based entrepreneur is the founder of Caelum Greene, which opened this September in Hong Kong. The store in the heart of SoHo features more than 50 athleisure brands and lifestyle labels. Tsuei shares her favourite yoga poses and tips on embracing the athleisure trend.

What motivated you to start Caelum Greene?

It's really about my passion: blending fashion and wellness. It’s about empowering women and encouraging an active lifestyle. I wanted a shop that really caters to the lifestyle of the modern woman who I feel these days has many hats. Everything we carry is for that woman. 

You worked at Christian Louboutin before. Why did you swap red soles for sneakers? 

When I first moved back to HK, I started in merchandising with Christian Louboutin. It’s been a great learning curve and then, two years ago, I moved on to Pure Apparel Retail. Before I moved to Hong Kong, my first job was at a yoga wear company. I think for me, my heart has always been in fashion. I want to find that middle ground to retain the style element of fashion but also introduce elements of wellness in our active line, homeware and skincare lines. 

How should we embrace the athleisure trend? 

These days there are so many new brands that really [do a super job] in merging fashion and active wear. As for tips, it's really about finding a couple of staple pieces that you can mix and match into different looks that are appropriate for the office or going out. I have a few plain white sneakers that are kind of worn out but they go with every look. You can dress up with an Alexander Wang dress, or wear the sneakers with black skinny track pants with drawstrings matched with a sweater or a crop top. 

Luxury fashion brands are embracing the athleisure concept

Do you think athleisure is a trend here to stay? 

It's really about women bettering ourselves these days. We hope to cater to women who love the city life but focus on taking care of themselves. It also makes a difference, giving back to the world that we are living in.

Three yoga poses to start your day with Charlotte Tsuei:

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