One of Loewe’s most popular designs is the elephant minibag, part of its Animals line – and for good reason. These cute elephants are hands down charming. Their floppy ears, origami-like folds, and adorable eyes make them simply irresistible.

The creation of the Animals line was a happy accident. Like the Velcro, slinky and even the microwave oven, the first animal was invented purely by chance. A Loewe craftsman, playing around with a leftover piece of leather, shaped it into a bear. From there it grew, and last year the elephant was added to the line.

We took the candy-coloured (yes, that is the official name) elephant minibag made out of calf leather for a quick test and needless to say, we almost ran away with it. Despite the small size, this bag is perfect for anyone who just wants a diverse, fun bag to take out to brunch, for a quick grocery run, or even on a date night.

Made out of calf leather, the bag is extremely light and wonderfully soft and smooth – but also durable. The soft pink – called ‘candy’ – is feminine and works well with any outfit, making this the go-to bag for all your events.

It is, however, quite small as it is a minibag so space is a bit tight. It will hold a few of your necessities, like your coin purse, Octopus card and a couple of beauty essentials, but not much else. If size and having the luxury of carrying everything around with you is a must, this might not be the bag for you.

The elephant bag is also available in four other colours (black, orange, yellow and tan), and you can go for the new punk version with chain detailing. 

Sized 20x15x15cm, the bag costs HK$9,950.

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