They have changed the course of history, set milestones in their industries, and created an abundance of memories that are here to stay for generations. They have also proven themselves timeless style icons and will continue to inspire us.

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Other than her infectiously vivacious character, the Hungarian actress is remembered for her trademark red lips and glam curls, as well as her obsession with the sweetheart neckline.

David Bowie

The legendary pop chameleon and stood at the forefront of multiple musical movements. He established myself as the fashion king of avant-garde with his boundary-pushing and sexually ambiguous style – which featured mega-tight trousers, a one-legged cat suit, a vibrant lightning bolt across the face and shaved eyebrows.

David Bowie, the Duchess of Cambridge and a Brit of Style

Carrie Fisher

Rising to fame after playing Princess Leia in Star Wars, Fisher made Cinnabon-sized buns sexy – a hairdo which has been referenced on the runways, including its apearance in Chanel’s haute couture SS16 show.

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Zaha Hadid

Known as “queen of the curve”, Hadid adorned the skylines of many a metropolis with her cutting-edge architecture, including the Heydar Aliyev Museum and the Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Centre.

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Sonia Rykiel

The French designer’s comfortable and bold style is her label’s best advertisement. Her orange-red hair and singular love for “poor boy” sweaters became definitive characteristics. She successfully inspired many designers with her favour for functionality.

George Michael

The singer’s daring personal style is one that came to represent the 80s - and 90s - pop scene. By making fashion statements that blurred gender boundaries – such as wearing eyeliner and dainty hoop earrings – he was an idol to the LGBT youth of his time.

Arnold Palmer

As the winner of 62 PGA Tour titles and the PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award, Arnold Palmer is nicknamed as The King on the golf course. He also tops the list when it comes to style – the player exudes nonchalant elegance with an attention to the details – such as fit and finish – of his outfits.


Polka-dot suit, round glasses, flamboyant waves and skin-tight pants – these are all symbols of Prince’s iconoclastic style. The star was among those to challenge the gender norms of his time, and his non-conforming attitude greatly impacted the generations to follow.

Muhammad Ali

What makes Muhammad Ali one of the greatest boxers is not only his unique footwork, agility and athleticism, but also his off-duty dapper style. Outside the ring, he gave off an elegant air of elegance in precisely fitted suits and sophisticated accessories – such as his pair of red-laced high tops.

Leonard Cohen

The poet-turned-singer-songwriter clung to an old-fashioned and classy style amidst an environment of sparkles and skintight leotards. Much like his signature minimalist sound and eloquent lyrics, his fashion choices exude grace and still inspire contemporary men’s fashion.

Franca Sozzani

The longtime editor-in-chief of Vogue Italy has spiked controversies, broken conventions and brought impact to the magazine world. To the style landscape, she Franca Sozzani has clarified the fine line between effortless and a lack of effort in dressing.

China Machado

As one of the first non-Caucasians to be featured in big fashion magazines and a hot pick for the runways still into her eighties, the model has broken through both race and age barriers in the industry. The Shanghai born Portuguese-American beauty has made the world rethink the standards of beauty and the definition of diversity.

Richard Nicoll

The young designer contributed to the revitalisation of 21st-century London fashion by embracing the fast fashion phenomenon with an unwieldy creativity. His designs were modest and modern – his signature creations include a handbag with a phone charger and an LED-lit gown.

Bill Cunningham

The fun-loving street photographer for the New York Times had trademark winning smile and often travelled by bicycle. As a pioneer of street fashion photography, he is one of greatest losses to the fashion industry this year.