These top-of-the-line serums and fluids will bring vitality to your skin and keep it glowing


The brand’s luxurious Pitera collection is named after a yeast-derived liquid rich in vitamins, minerals, amino and organic acids. When combined with the nutrient-rich benefits of the Arakawa Youth Peach, the result is resilient and luminous skin. The Tautness serum contains red berry and brown algae for enhanced firming. HK$3,230


The Timetreasure Renovating Eye Serum contains red ginseng to reduce lines and white ginseng to eliminate dullness, while red pine extracts improve skin resilience. The serum comes with a golden massage tool that enhances your relaxation ritual and helps your skin absorb the formula. HK$1,800


The new Light-In-Nectar from the Prestige White collection is the brand’s first light-activating serum that works deep within your skin to release the barriers that block light circulation. The formula contains Dior’s TransluminScience technology, developed to stimulate cellular renewal and illuminate skin. HK$3,000


The Or Rouge Fluid is the newest addition to the brand’s anti-ageing collection, which harnesses the powerful essence of saffron flowers. The lightweight formula is ideal for combination skin and provides a smooth, matte finish that’s perfect for foundation application. HK$2,700


The Pink Diamond Instant Lifting Serum claims to have immediate effect on lifting and illuminating skin. The formula combines anti-ageing eptides and skin tighteners, with ingredients that correct pigmentation and even out skin tone. HK$2,700