These new lotions, masks and oils can help protect your skin from pollution, weather changes and stress.


The Blanc Divin Brightening Lotion is perfect for those who need a lightweight, refreshing formula to combat spring humidity. The formula contains the brand’s patented Glow Reviver Complex, which combines the brightening benefits of three white-flowering plant extracts. The lotion goes on silkily and results in a more radiant complexion. HK$400


Treat your skin to some overnight TLC with the Peony Brightening Night Treatment Mask. The lightweight formula brightens your skin through Vitamin C glucoside, peony and licorice root extracts, while cucumber extract and lemon peel oil soothe and tone the skin, and hyaluronic and amino acids aid in a smooth complexion. HK$680


The newly released Spring Mask is just what our skin needs as we battle weather changes. The cool, refreshing formula contains the anti-oxidant and detoxing properties of pu er tea. Ideal for a rejuvenating experience. HK$1,650


Snow Fox, the new kid on the block, promises products that are free of parabens, phtalates, petroleum and SLS. While most synethetic or petroleum based moisturisers react badly with petrochemicals in cosmetics, causing clotting and flaking, the brand’s Defense Cream works as a hybrid moisturiser and makeup primer. HK$420


The Inner Strength Soothing Face Oil is ideal for calming irritated skin, particularly during humid or polluted days. It contains chamomile, evening primrose oil, ximenia, strawberry seed oil and baobab seed oil for their softening and healing properties. The scent is fragrant and soothing without being overpowering. HK$630