Thanks to the powerful photo-editing apps on smartphones, our selfie games have become stronger than ever. The hit “MakeApp”, however, reverses the rules. The AI-based make-up editor to remove heavy make-up and generate an illusion of “make-up-free” look, which got us addicted as well.

We decided to try it on some our favourite style icons to see their “real face”. Read on and you’ll also find three other make-up apps to inspire your summer looks.

Please note, these images have been edited by MakeApp, an AI-based make-up editor.

Adam Lambert

Without heavy eyeliners, the singer still kept his cool. All he needs is maybe a tad of concealer to cover his eye bags.

Fan Bingbing

The screen siren, who’s known for her strict daily beauty regime, didn’t look too different without the red-carpet-ready heavy make-up.

Yang Mi

The Chinese actress, known for her girl-next-door image, looked a bit tired without the red lip tint and mascara.

Amal Clooney

Lucky you, George Clooney. The beautiful human rights lawyer is truly a natural beauty.

Donatella Versace

MakeApp misinterpreted the fashion giant’s smoky eye make-up in this case. We didn’t see too much of a difference in her after the “make-up removal” other than that.

Bella Hadid

We think the model looks five years younger without the heavy make-up.


Riri’s still got it without her make-up.

Kylie Jenner

Selena Gomez

Nicole Kidman

Kristen Stewart

Tyra Banks

Three other beauty apps to up your selfie game:

Makeup Genius

YouCam Makeup