Christmas is coming for Game of Thrones fans: Delvaux is launching “The Couture Exclusive Collection”, and it has collaborated with artist Nic Courdy to produce four animated videos – one for each bag – inspired by the popular TV series.

The four bags are: Black Beauty, Golden Glory, Iron Shield and Queen’s Desire. The collection is limited to 1,810 pieces, while the entirely handmade bags are limited to 550 pieces worldwide.

The Black Beauty is inspired by flowers with a black magical twist. It can be associated with an enchanted and evil witch, such as Melisandre in Game of Thrones. The series consists of a Brilliant Micro bag, a signature clutch and a Brilliant Charms strap.

As for the Golden Glory, the buckle of the Brillant Micro bag is inspired by an ex-voto: a religious offering given to fulfil a vow. A belt is also available.

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The Iron Shield bag is inspired by a knight’s armour, with references to Jaime Lanister in Game of Thrones. The scales are reminiscent of the front part of his armour. The series consists of a Brilliant Micro bag, a key ring and a Brilliant Charms strap.

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The Queen’s Desire inspiration comes from the dresses wealthy women wore during the Renaissance. The Brillant Micro bag has precisely the same design as the embroidery found on these dresses, while Queen Cersei in Game of Thrones also inspired the Queen’s Desire design. The set consists of a Brilliant Micro bag, a Charms Coeur and a removable strap.