There has been plenty of buzz around H&M’s new millennial-focused brand, Nyden, during the past few months.  

This is mainly because the Swedish clothing retailer stayed quiet about what to expect – releasing only teaser videos and posting black square photos on Instagram.

The information had been as minimal as the branding.


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Yet, after finishing its pre-launch in April, Nyden finally rolled out its first collection of men's and women’s clothing this month.

Called /Nyden drop 1, it features products such as studded leather jackets that cost as much as US$2,000.

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This new brand seems very much to be influenced by Kanye West's label Yeezy, not only stylistically but also in its approach to fashion marketing.

The premise behind Nyden – which means “new” and “it” in Swedish – is to predict how people will shop in the future, using market research and teaming up with sociologists and philosophers.

The new brand [Nyden] seems very much to be influenced by Kanye West's label Yeezy, not only stylistically but also in its approach to fashion marketing

In an interview with New York magazine’s The Cut, Oscar Olsson, the 35-year-old tattooed Swede who is the head of Nyden, said he believed that in the future, brands would not exist in the same way that they do today.

They might not have one main designer, but could instead be influenced by many different people, he said.

Nyden’s collection has been co-created with three celebrities: singers Dua Lipa and Justine Skye and German soccer player Jérôme Boateng.

The clothing has an air of Yeezy to it in that it is both minimalist and androgynous.

For both companies, the focus is not on following trends but on creating their own.

West has been hailed as a marketing expert in the past.

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“He’s used his personality, plus smart scarcity and exclusivity models, to build a cult brand,” Katy Lubin, a communications director at Lyst, told Business Insider in April.

“He is a master of social-media hype.”


His direct-to-consumer advertising model is not only efficient, as it meets consumers where they want to shop – such as on Instagram – but it also saves marketing dollars.

“Yeezy’s marketing approach is effective because it balances exclusivity [art, celebrities] alongside mass [Instagram, cinemas],” says Quynh Mai, founder of digital agency Moving Image & Content, which created the official films for the launch of Yeezy’s Season 1, 2, and 3 collections.

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“His campaigns are creative artistic expressions, while his distribution strategies are mass.”

Team Blue Or Team Red

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Nyden seeks to do just this.

So far, the launch has been advertised only on social media, and the co-creators of its first collection are featured in videos on its Instagram page, explaining the inspiration behind their designs.

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The products will be sold exclusively online and in pop-ups.

Ultimately, Nyden is everything H&M is not, and by taking influence from West's brand rather than its parent company, it s sending a message about the direction fashion is headed.

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This article originally appeared on Business Insider.