As part of Moncler’s innovative Genius Project, which sees eight different labels reinterpret the Italian apparel and lifestyle brand’s most iconic designs, it has unveiled its collection created by Hiroshi Fujiwara’s fragment design label.

Moncler to unveil monthly ‘Genius’ series at Milan Fashion Week

Last week’s launch at Pitti in Florence, Italy – featuring appearances from musician Steve Aoki, Tokyo skater Shinpei Ueno and model Adrianne Ho – saw the Italian and Japanese design giants finally come together to present their new pieces.

Taking inspiration from live music culture, Fujiwara’s designs reference backstage crews and all-access passes.

Milan Fashion Week: Moncler’s catwalk farewell with 8 collections

For the first time, guests were able to see the collection, which features bold bomber jackets with prominent logos of both brands, classic red check patterned shirts and refined, fitted puffer jackets.

Keep an eye out for a closer look of the collection, as well as the rest of the Genius Project collaborations, set to be unveiled throughout the year.

It is on sale now, so head over to Moncler’s website to pick up your favourite pieces.

Milan Fashion Week: Moncler’s catwalk farewell with 8 collections

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This article originally appeared on HYPEBEAST.