At £3.5 million (US$4.59 million), this is the world’s most expensive denim jacket.  

Dubbed “Infinity”, it comes with all the bells and whistles that will have any dedicated rock ‘n’ roll fan salivating.

The vintage denim garment comes studded with almost 5lb of 24ct gold and platinum studs, and is finished off with buttons made of 129ct of diamonds. The jacket, a commissioned piece by a famous musician who wishes to remain anonymous, took three months to complete.

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The jacket is the result of a collaboration between Karl Mathers, of Lord Swagger, and Stuart Hughes.

Lord Swagger is known for its one-off denim designs, made from pre-loved pieces that are given new life – and a touch of swagger.

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Stuart Hughes is known for blinging up the mundane, whether it’s an iPhone x with an outer frame made of platinum and gold and finished off with black crocodile leather, or an Aquavista aquarium with a solid gold frame and veneers made of mammoth tusk and T-Rex dinosaur bone.

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