Halloween is almost upon us, and we want to be ready to rule the streets on this eeriest of nights. To that end we recruited Ivy, a make-up artist with cosmetic brand Urban Decay, to create a stunning devil makeover that will turn eyes and stop hearts.

We start off with a rough sketch of what we want, but in the course of building the look, it evolves into a darker and sultry version, with plenty of pinks, reds and browns around the cheeks and eyes.

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Following Ivy’s directions – and working with her on Sophia's make-up – I mirror her application of make-up on one side of Sophia's face on the opposite side, down to the smallest detail, to make sure we get the look right.

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As with all makeovers, we start with the eyes. First the primer goes on, followed by a thick layer of eye shadow, and lots of blending, ending with heavy eyeliner and fluffy fake lashes for a stunning result: Sophia’s eyes looked dark, hooded, and mysterious.

Next up: the lips. What better colours to use for Halloween than red for the base, and a smudge of black for a bit of edginess?

For the final flourish, dark brown blush and glitter are dusted on to the sides of Sophia’s face, adding depth and a seductive shine.

Voilà! The makeover is gorgeous on Sophia, and easily achieved with just a few products, including the incredibly versatile Urban Decay Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette, which did triple duty on the eyes, cheeks and forehead.

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Video by Bridgette Hall.

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