The South China Morning Post turns 115 years old this month, and STYLE is celebrating this occasion by looking back at more than a century of fashion. Who inspired us? Who shaped the way we viewed style and self-expression? How did they transform the landscape of the fashion industry?

Fashion documentaries go behind the seams on McQueen and Guo Pei

There have been many muses over the ages, ranging from legendary figures in history such as Coco Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent, to today’s artists like Guo Pei and Yohji Yamamoto. From little black dresses to futuristic silhouettes, from curves to fit physiques, these icons have redefined beauty and shaped the way we dress in modern times.

Here are a dozen of the most influential figures in the fashion world over the past century, whose voices and vision continue to resonate.

Video by Bridgette Hall

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