Karl Lagerfeld is many things to many people: genius designer, enigmatic soul, an artist in many different fields, proud dad to his white cat, Choupette.

Perhaps most of all, the German designer is known as a “re-inventor” with a knack for reinvigorating fashion houses.

He currently heads the design process at Chanel and Fendi, and designs for his own eponymous label (which he sold to Tommy Hilfiger in 2004 but retains creative direction).

Karl Lagerfeld lifts spirits with Chanel ‘beach party’ at PFW

In 1965, upon joining Fendi, he created the now iconic logo: two inverted Fs. Five decades later, he is still designing for the label, leading it to powerhouse status.

In 1980s, he breathed new life into Chanel, which many had called a dead brand. His golden Midas-like touch has breathed new life into some of Chanel’s most iconic codes, from tweed to pearls and its interlocking Cs.

He is also known for lending his genius to other brands in high-profile collaborations, ranging from shoe lines with Hogan to glassware with Orrefors and even a capsule collection for Macy’s.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Fendi creations honour stylish ‘urban jungle’ women at Milan Fashion Week

He is also an artist, best known for his work as a photographer and film director. This year, he unveiled his first sculpture exhibition, titled “Architectures”, showcasing functional marble sculptures inspired by antiques.

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