The 7th series of Moncler’s Genius Project was launched last month. The project featured Japanese designer Hiroshi Fujiwara, a national cultural agitator who is also a musician, a record producer and the country’s first hip-hop DJ.

Fujiwara likes to combine streetwear with culture, and for the new 7-Moncler Fragment collection, Fujiwara reinterpreted the classic Moncler puffer with his own imagination.

The new collection comes in colours ranging from baby blue to electric blue, and the tricolour textures on some of the pieces resemble those in the contemporary Tetris video game.

There are 3D down jackets with the message “Moncler, To the South, To the West, To the East, To the North”. The collection also includes pieces with motifs inspired by the Orient.

Moncler launches ‘live-music’ fashion line with Hiroshi Fujiwara

“Moncler Genius offers the opportunity to mix different identities into a new one. It allowed me to test solutions and materials I have never used. The result is an unreleased Hiroshi, but it is also an unreleased Moncler,” says Fujiwara.

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