6 hi-tech devices and apps that will redefine your beauty regimen

Foreo – UFO mini device and app

From skin pH trackers and customised 3D-printed masks to pulsating electromagnetic wands, these digitally-enhanced devices and apps will help uplift your beauty regimens into the future and beyond

What: Foreo – UFO mini device and app


How: This smart mask device uses Hyper-Infusion Technology (heating, cooling and Foreo’s patented T-sonic pulsations) and LED light therapy together with exclusive Korean mask formulas to provide you with decadent facial treatments at home. You can easily sync treatments to the device with the app by scanning a bar code on the mask – all you need is to set aside 90 seconds of your day to indulge. The app can also track your usage, set reminders, and give you tips and advice.

Buy: Available at Foreo authorised retailers

What: La Roche-Posay – My Skin Track pH wearable sensor and app

How: By snapping a picture of the coloured dots on the wearable sensor placed on your skin, smart algorithms on the La Roche-Posay app will be able to detect your skin’s pH levels, allowing you to make more informed shopping decisions. According to the brand, healthy skin pH is around 4.5 to 5.5. Skin outside this range usually suffers from dryness, eczema and acne.

Buy: Dermatologists are testing the prototype, but the brand is keen to make it available to consumers soon.

What: Neutrogena – MaskiD app

How: As an extension to Neutrogena’s latest Skin 360 device (a smartphone-enabled skin scanner), the MaskiD app uses data collected from the scanner to customise ingredients on 3D-printed facial masks. Vitamin C and hydraulic acid are added to different parts of the mask depending on your skin’s condition. You can tweak the fit and shape of the mask via the app by uploading a selfie, so bid farewell to ill-fitting masks.

Buy: MaskiD is expected to be available by the third quarter of 2019.

What: Olay – FaceNavi smart wand device and app

How: Upload a selfie and Olay’s app will detect your skin’s age and highlight problem areas in colourful patches with augmented reality (AR) technology. The FaceNavi smart wand will push different ingredients and electromagnetic pulses onto the face based on what has been mapped out by the app. As you navigate the wand across your face the highlighted patches will disappear on the app, acknowledging you have completed the skincare routine properly.

Buy: Olay has yet to announce a release date, but the FaceNavi is expected to launch in Asia first before the US.

What: Clarisonic – Mia Smart 3-in-1 device and app

How: A smart cleaning device that doubles as a face massage and make-up blending tool is connected to the app via Bluetooth. The app will record cleansing habits and suggest personalised routines and goals. Since the app knows when and how much you use the Mia Smart, it will send reminders to keep you on track, as well as when to charge your device and replace brush heads.

Buy: Available at Clarisonic authorised retailers.

What: Samsung – Perfume Blender machine and app

How: Take photos of your favourite scents and the app will analyse and detect your preferred ingredients and fragrance formulations. Based on your preferences, the app will conjure up perfume recipes that can be instantly blended using the eight ingredients that come with the device. Additional scents can be bought if you get tired of the selection or if you want a bit extra.

Buy: No launch date available from Samsung yet.

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From skin pH trackers to 3D-printed masks, these digitally-enhanced devices and apps will get your skin glowing