9 new Netflix films and TV shows in September, from Attack of the Hollywood Clichés! to LGBT animated series Q-Force – plus the return of 8 favourites

Catch up with new seasons of your favourite series like “Money Heist”, “Sex Education” and “Lucifer” and other new series coming to Netflix this September! Photos: @Netflix_INSouth/Twitter, @ScottPorter/Twitter, @sexeducation/Twitter

And just like that, it’s September.

The new month brings the return of numerous Netflix favourites – including Money Heist, Lucifer and The Circle – and several enticing new titles.

The streaming service will also release the satirical animated series Q-Force, about a group of LGBTQ+ superheroes who have teamed up to fight crime. A month ahead of Halloween comes the next series from the creator of the spooky hit adaptation of The Haunting of Hill House – an original series with the eerie title of Midnight Mass.

September will also mark 20 years since hijacked planes crashed into New York’s Twin Towers and the Pentagon outside Washington. Netflix revisits the effects of the life-altering day with film starring Michael Keaton.

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Nairobi is one of the most beloved characters in the series Money Heist. Photo: @vormirstudios/Instagram

Returning favourites this month

  • Money Heist Part 5: Volume 1 (September 3)

  • The Circle: Season 3 (September 8)

  • Lucifer: The Final Season (September 10)

  • Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father: Season 5 (September 14)

  • Nailed It!: Season 6 (September 15)

  • Sex Education: Season 3 (September 17)

  • Love on the Spectrum: Season 2 (September 21)

  • Dear White People: Volume 4 (final season, September 22)

Lucifer. Photo: Netflix

Here are 10 noteworthy new series and features to look forward to this month.

Afterlife of the Party (September 2)

Victoria Justice stars as Cassie in Afterlife Of The Party. Photo: @NetflixFilm/Twitter

Cassie (Victoria Justice) spends her days partying until her life is cut short thanks to a freak accident. She is given the opportunity to correct her Earthly mistakes – and if she can, she’ll get her angel wings.

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Q-Force (September 2)

Q-Force is not only an animated series about secret spies – the show also sheds light on all of its LGBTQ+ characters. Photo: Netflix

When Steve Maryweather, aka. Agent Mary (Sean Hayes) is reassigned within the American Intelligence Agency after coming out, he forms a team of highly skilled members of the LGBTQ+ community. The cast includes Laurie Metcalf, Wanda Sykes, Gary Cole and David Harbour.

Worth (September 3)

Worth features notable actors like Michael Keaton and Stanley Tucci. Photo: Netflix

Lawyer Kenneth Feinberg (Michael Keaton) is appointed as head of the compensation fund for victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks in this film, inspired by true events. Feinberg and his associate Camille Biros (Amy Ryan) are tasked with determining the “worth” of the deceased. Stanley Tucci, Tate Donovan and Laura Benanti also star.

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On the Verge (September 7)

The four leading ladies of On The Verge provide us with a breath of fresh air as they deal with their changes in life. Photo: @belavalladares/Twitter

Julie Delpy writes and stars in this comedy alongside Elisabeth Shue, Alexia Landeau and Sarah Jones that centers on four Los Angelenos dealing with life’s challenges.

Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali (September 9)

Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali focuses on the friendship between the two iconic figures. Photo: @NetflixFilm/Twitter

This documentary, produced by Kenya Barris (Black-ish), traces the friendship between boxer/activist Muhammad Ali and civil rights leader Malcolm X, with interviews from the icons’ family members.

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Metal Shop Masters (September 10)

Metal Shop Masters will determine one contestant to be the master of welding. Photo: Netflix

For craft and design show devotees, here’s a new maker-focused series just for you. Seven welders from across the US will push themselves to the brink during timed challenges to make items like unique grills and futuristic cars. Comedian Jo Koy hosts.

Midnight Mass (September 24)

If you’re looking for some scares, Midnight Mass is the show for you. Photo: @flanagansource/Twitter

Ready for a good scare? The creator of The Haunting of Hill House, Mike Flanagan, returns with a series centred on Crockett Island, a community rocked by freaky occurrences when a priest comes to town.

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The Starling (September 24)

Melissa McCarthy and Chris O’Dowd play the protagonists in The Starling. Photo: @NetflixFilm/Twitter

Melissa McCarthy and Chris O’Dowd star as a married couple grappling with moving on after experiencing heartbreaking loss. The cast also features Kevin Kline, Timothy Olyphant, Laura Harrier and Daveed Diggs.

Attack of the Hollywood Clichés! (September 28)

Rob Lowe will be the host of Attack Of The Hollywood Cliches! Photo: @BritishComedy/Twitter

Get ready to be on the defence, “meet-cute”. This special, hosted by actor Rob Lowe, examines the overused movie tropes that can make you groan, like women running in stilettos and walking away from an explosion. Lowe’s fellow actors, screenwriters and critics get in on the fun too.

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  • Michael Keaton leads Worth, a September 11 drama, while docuseries Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali explores the historic figures’ relationship
  • Melissa McCarthy and Chris O’Dowd star in The Starling, while The Haunting of Hill House filmmaker Michael Flanagan returns with Midnight Mass just in time for Halloween