Inside the world’s most OTT superyachts: from IMAX theatres, helipads and hospitals, to ski rooms, golf driving ranges and priceless works of art by Leonardo da Vinci

Better equipped than the best house in the world – today’s superyachts have more perks than ever. Photos: Tillberg Design of Sweden, Northrop and Johnson, Charter World

Like supercars, the latest superyachts give new meaning to the concept of sailing in style. The New Yorker recently profiled the elite, mega-wealthy world of superyacht owners, which is largely made up of billionaires and powerful world leaders.

From plunge pools to sunbathing decks and beautiful dining rooms, superyachts like this Benetti one, favoured by Beyoncé and Jay Z, have certain features as standard. Photo: Benetti

According to the article, these massive, multimillion-dollar seafaring vessels often come with all sorts of unique perks that reflect the owner’s interests.

Here’s a look at what some of the most OTT superyachts are packing these days.

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The US$90 million Sea Owl

According to The New Yorker article, ultra-rich hedge fund manager and Donald Trump donor Robert Mercer recently put his US$90 million yacht the Sea Owl up for sale.

The 62-metre-long (203 feet) yacht reportedly comes furnished with “several auxiliary boats, a Steinway piano, a variety of frescoes, and a security system that requires fingerprint recognition”.

Having your own helipad is a must

Superyacht Bold’s helipad is one of its key features. Photo: Northrop and Johnson

Bold, another superyacht that’s “styled like a warship” and has a helipad, was also profiled in the piece. “The rugged look is a trend,” the article explains, with “explorer” vessels, equipped to handle remote journeys, having now become the “sport-utility vehicles of yachting”.

Superyacht Bold has plenty of toys to play with, as well as a helipad so you can jet off to a different locale more easily. Photo: Northrop and Johnson

Former Qatari Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani is also known for owning a luxurious superyacht with a helipad named Al Mirqab, which was built in Germany and requires a crew of 60.

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IMAX theatres, miniature hospitals and ski rooms

Superyacht Bold has a 300 square metre “sky lounge” with views of the ocean on all sides. Photo: Northrop and Johnson

The New Yorker also reports that more yachts have begun embracing “novelties” such as IMAX theatres and miniature on board hospitals, complete with pathogen-testing equipment to keep everyone on board safe from viruses.

Some superyachts even have ice-class hulls that can withstand polar waters, as well as their own ski rooms where guests can suit up before jumping in a helicopter to fly to the nearest skiable mountaintop, according to Boat International.

An interior design to match your personal preferences

Superyacht Mia Elise II has its own sauna room. Photo: Northrop and Johnson

According to the article, wealthy Middle Eastern sheikhs often commission “baroque indoor spaces” to beat the heat. Meanwhile, Russian oligarchs often install spaces for banyas – steam baths that are significant in Russian culture.

The master bedroom on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s super yacht Pegasus VIII has its own balcony. Photo: Charter World

Other wealthy superyacht owners rely on showstopping artwork to awe passengers. The Saudi crown prince famously hung up Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi – the most expensive painting ever sold – on his superyacht Serene, though some claim the painting is not genuine. Another of Bin Salman’s yachts, Pegasus VIII, boasts a helipad that can also be used as a golf driving range, according to Charter World.

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  • From Beyoncé and Jay Z to Donald Trump campaign donor Robert Mercer, the ultra rich are looking for extra perks, and modern boatbuilders are pulling out all the stops
  • It’s one thing to own a yacht with a sunbathing deck and a swimming pool – quite another to have one that can sail through ice and has its own ski room