How Game of Thrones’ prequel is set to boost Spain’s tourism: House of the Dragon had scenes filmed in Cáceres‎ – home to a Unesco site – which is predicted to attract fantasy fan tourists in droves

House of Dragon is set to boost Spain’s tourism industry. Photo: Spain Tourism, handout
Fantasy film and television has long drawn in loyal fan bases, from Trekkies (Star Trek) to Potterheads (Harry Potter) and, more recently, Thronies. And those looking to truly immerse themselves in the whim and wonder of their favourite fantasy realms have travelled near and far to immerse themselves deeper in the stories.
According to a report compiled by the Travelstart Competitive Index, in 2018 more than 80 million people cited films and television series as a key factor influencing their travel destination choices.
A Game of Thrones tour experience in Ireland. Photo: Game of Thrones Tours/Facebook

This has often proven the case for Rob Dowling, an accredited tour guide, and managing director of Game of Thrones Tours. After watching the first season, Dowling noticed many familiar sites across Northern Ireland, “from Tollymore Forest Park where the Starks find the direwolf pups, to the Old Castle Ward used as a film location for Winterfell in the first episode, and so on. Those locations were in County Down, which was a part of Ireland very few tourists visited back in 2012”. With no further inspiration needed, Dowling informed HBO of his plans and the first Game of Thrones Tour excursion took place in April 2014.

British Game of Thrones fans Declan Blakey (centre) and Katherine Hibberd (right) and French fan Hugo Chivard (left) take part in the tourist experience at the Castle Ward Estate in Strangford, Northern Ireland, in April 2019, the location of Winterfell in Game of Thrones, and one of the many locations used by the hit HBO show across the province. Photo: AFP

“TV tourists want to make an authentic connection to the show they love. That could mean visiting the real filming locations used for iconic scenes, or that could mean visiting real sets or, most of all, that could mean meeting and talking to a guide who worked on the show,” said Dowling. “All of our guides were extras in Game of Thrones, they all appeared on screen. The keyword is authentic contact with the show.”

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Between 2014 and 2019, Dowling’s tours operated on average 21 times per week in the summer months and 11 tours per week in the winter months. While numbers inevitably declined due to the pandemic, a recovery is in sight, and 2022 figures are averaging between seven and eight coach tours each week.

Trujillo in Extremadura, Spain, is one of the main filming locations for the new HBO series, House of the Dragon. Photo: Shutterstock
Film and television tourism looks set to take off on a global scale. A report from Future Market Insights estimated the industry to be worth US$66.7 billion in 2022 and projected its value to grow to more than US$128 billion by 2032. And one of the latest destinations to benefit might be Cáceres‎, a city in Spain’s Western reaches that has served as the filming location for several scenes from HBO’s new Game of Thrones spin-off series, House of the Dragon.
House of the Dragon is a spin-off series of Game of Thrones. Photo: Handout

A city of just under 100,000 people, Cáceres‎ wears its history with pride, its streets a mix of Gothic, Renaissance and ancient Roman architecture. The city lies within historic Moorish walls that date back to the 12th century. Jorge Villar Guijarro, councillor for tourism, innovation, technological development and transparency in Cáceres‎, described it as “a city with more than 2,000 years of history in which cultures and religions are mixed, and in which walking through its squares and streets and admiring its buildings make the visitor go back in time”.

Cáceres‎ in Spain is capitalising on its newfound popularity thanks to HBO’s Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon. Photo: Handout

Cáceres‎ is no stranger to the film industry. “Cáceres‎ has been the setting for films since the middle of the 20th century, both national and international productions, with the presence of renowned actors such as Gerard Depardieu, Alain Delon and Rutger Hauer, and directors such as Ridley Scott and Paul Verhoeven,” Guijarro said. “We were also one of the main filming locations for the sixth season of Games of Thrones, and other Spanish TV series like Hernan, Isabel and Cathedral of the Sea.”

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Wil Johnson, Matt Smith and Theo Nate in a scene from House of the Dragon on HBO. Photo: HBO/TNS

Guijarro sees the impact of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon on Cáceres‎ as a widely positive one. “At the department of tourism, we are working to promote the city as a film destination by organising events focused on the series, such as the one we are going to hold from October 21-23, in which the main script writers, bloggers, critics and fans of House of the Dragon, Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire are going to participate and in which themed guided tours, conferences, games, cosplay, parties and thematic dinners are going to take place. It is going to be the biggest fandom event in the world, created by the fandom, hosted in Cáceres‎,” he explained.

According to Guijarro, Cáceres‎ welcomed 240,000 tourists in 2021. This year, numbers are projected to be markedly higher due, in part, to rising interest from House of the Dragon fans and the role that film and tourism have played in putting the little city on the global tourism map. With the cast and crew set to return in March 2023 to film the second season, the impact looks set to continue.

Cáceres‎’ old city is a Unesco World Heritage site. Photo: Spain Tourism

Dowling said that TV tourists aren’t only interested in thematic experiences though: “The word I use is participation, specifically authentic participation. Outside our themed excursions, there is precisely the same desire to participate in Ireland, eat food and drink beer, and just talk to real Irish people. That’s the most important part of their experience.”

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Similarly, in Cáceres‎, those looking to experience the city beyond the fantasy realm will find ample opportunity to do so. Guijarro counted the many possible areas of exploration for incoming tourists, ranging from walking through the old city – a Unesco World Heritage site – to taking in some of the oldest examples of Neanderthal cave art at Maltravieso, to the more than 3,000 works of international contemporary art on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art Helga de Alvear, among others.

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