Jaime Xie, the Asian-American fashion Instagram influencer and tech billionaire heiress turning heads and counting clicks

Jaime Xie is embodiment of young Asian glamour and a sucessful social media influencer. Photo: @jaimexie/Instagram

Known for her luxe lifestyle and keen eye – and appetite – for high-end designer fashion labels, Jaime Xie has quickly cemented her spot as one of the freshest and coolest fashion influencers of the moment.

Boasting almost 200,000 followers on Instagram and over 47,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, the 22-year-old American fashionista has amassed a substantial following of fans eager to catch a glimpse of her jet-setting, luxury-living ways.

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From her horse-riding history to high fashion horizons


Before her rise to haute couture instafame, Xie enjoyed a successful stint as a competitive equestrian.

Xie fell in love with the sport at a young age, ultimately competing throughout her schooling career. Self-proclaimed competitive in nature, she even switched her schooling online to allow for more freedom to tour and compete.

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She got it from her grandad


In a recent vlog on her YouTube channel, Xie described how she is the only member of her immediate family with such a strong affinity for all things fashion.

She explains how according to her mum, her passion for style and fashion was inherited from her maternal grandfather. He lived and worked in Taiwan as a men’s suit designer and was ostensibly just as fond of fashion, design and shopping as his future fashion-influencer granddaughter.

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But first, health


In the same vlog, Xie also dished about her favourite dishes. While allowing some flexibility in her diet, Xie disclosed that she focuses on healthy living and adheres to a predominantly plant-based, gluten-free, teetotal and smoke-free lifestyle.

Xie admits however that the exceptions to her vegan and health-focused dietary regime include certain travel foodie highlights like Parisian croissants and her favourite nigiri sushi from the popular American sushi eatery, Sugarfish.

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Her high-end hauls are huge hits

Besides sharing her globe-trotting glamour and high fashion looks on Instagram, Xie’s popularity further stems from her YouTube videos.

In these clips Xie can be seen talking her audience through her high-end shopping, often unboxing glitzy cartons and cases of luxury fashion items and accessories. Many of these unboxing videos are unbelievably popular, garnering well over 150,000 views.

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California quarantining


Just like everyone else, the coronavirus halted Xie’s 2020 global gallivanting. Along with the rest of the Xie clan, including her renowned tech billionaire dad, Xie has been quarantining in style at the family’s California home, a sprawling estate complete with heated swimming pool and both tennis and basketball courts.

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From an equestrian upbringing to her current status as international fashion instaguru, at 22 she is the chic embodiment of young Asian glamour, taking inspiration from her Taiwanese roots and suit designer grandfather