Inside Shah Rukh Khan’s US$27 million home: the Bollywood star’s Mannat mansion took 10 years to make over with life-size Hindu statues, crystal chandeliers and a terrace to greet fans from

Shah Rukh Khan spent 10 years getting his Mumbai mansion just the way he wants it. Photos: @alaminkhan954/Twitter, @iamharsh55/Twitter

Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri have taken 10 years to turn their Mumbai house into their dream home. Now, Mannat is a major tourist attraction filled with expensive items the couple have spent years collecting. The interior has the ultimate luxe look: all dark wood finishes, expensive crystal and plush fittings that scream extreme wealth.

Here’s a look around the house of one of India’s richest and famous couples, valued at around US$27 million.

Shah Rukh always wanted to buy it

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan attends the wedding of businesswoman Isha Ambani in Mumbai in December 2018. Photo: AFP

Vogue India reports the house in Mumbai first caught Khan’s attention in 1997 while he was filming the movie Yes Boss. It is located in Mumbai’s Bandstand neighbourhood and is one of the most expensive residences in the area.

The modern main building of Shah Rukh Khan’s house, Mannat. Photo: @IlyazzSrkian/Twitter

In 2001 he bought the property that was originally known as Villa Vienna. According to Housing, the house features a six-storey modern tower fronted by a white 1920s era villa.

The design

Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan at their home. Photo: @gaurikhan/Instagram

The bungalow has a gym, library, boxing ring, tennis court and auditorium, reports Vogue India. When Khan and his wife Gauri moved into the property, it was just a shell. Gauri, with the help of architect Kaif Faquih, spent decade adapting the building to suit their needs. Gauri told Vogue India that every corner of the house was carefully thought out.

The terrace

Shah Rukh Khan on his terrace. Photo: @iamsrk/Instagram

The house has become a tourist spot with fans gathering outside hoping to catch a glimpse of the actor. The home is also easily recognisable with its white pillars and big black gate.


Khan had a terrace built, which Gauri told Vogue India is her happiest place in the house, as it allows privacy but also lets her husband go out and greet his fans. The family are known for giving the terrace festive makeovers and adorning it with fairy lights for special occasions.

Shah Rukh Khan on his terrace. Photo: @gaurikhan/Instagram

During lockdown, Gauri renovated the covered part of the terrace, posting pictures of the new look on Instagram, showing a brown-panelled ceiling and matching wall décor.

Inside the house

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri at the wedding ceremony of Akash Amban in Mumbai, India, in March 2019. Photo: Reuters

Although the exterior of Mannat has a minimalist feel, Gauri told Vogue India that the inside has been crafted to feel warm and luxurious. Dark wooden floors, fluffy carpets and expensive crystal chandeliers adorn the interior. Gauri said the house is filled with things the couple has collected over the years, including a jade Ganpati statue and a life-size marble Radha-Krishna sculpture, both of which have a special place in the home.


The house has floor-to-ceiling windows and mixes the old with the new, with a modern art collection including a Ravinder Reddy sculpture that dominates the living room.

The grand study


According to Housing, Khan has a grand study where he keeps all of his awards, certificates and memorabilia. Fans got a glimpse of the room in a video shared on Instagram, which clearly showed the circular design of the study.

Vogue India reports Khan is always in his study and regularly holds meetings there. Gauri told the publication it has a neoclassical columned façade and leather fittings.

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The kitchen

During an interview with David Letterman on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, Khan is seen cooking in his kitchen. The spacious area has white worktops complimented by dark wood. Kitchen utensils line the counters as Khan himself was seen chopping food.

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  • Khan bought the house in Mumbai’s Bandstand area after spotting it while filming Yes Boss – its facelift took 10 years before his wife Gauri Khan was satisfied
  • A jade Ganpati statue and a marble Radha-Krishna sculpture have pride of place while a less conventional Ravinder Reddy piece brings a modern edge