How crazy rich is Indian billionaire Gautam Singhania? The owner of Raymond Group has a US$1.4 billion fortune, a fleet of fast cars – and plenty of family drama

Indian billionaire Gautam Singhania is living a crazy rich life as owner of Raymond Group, as well as a stable of supercars such as this Lamborghini. Photo: YouTube

Gautam Singhania sure loves the flashy life. And with US$1.4 billion at his disposal, he’s got money to burn on fast cars, fitness and, oh, lawyers to fight his dad for control of the family business.

Gautam Singhania. Photo: @gautamsinghania99/ Instagram

Singhania is all about expanding his company, Raymond Group, and living his best life out on the racetrack too.

Here’s what you need to know about one of India’s richest people.

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His “white” appearance

Gautam Singhania’s vitiligo results in pale patches on his skin. Photo: @gautamsinghania99/Instagram

According to Telegraph India, Singhania suffers from a skin disorder called vitiligo. The British NHS describes it as a condition where white or pale patches appear on the skin because of a lack of melanin, which is the pigment in skin. The areas most commonly affected are the face, neck and hands.

This is the same condition that Michael Jackson had, with the The Guardian reporting that the singer was diagnosed with it in the mid-1980s.

Family war


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Singhania and his father, Vijaypat, have been publicly feuding since Gautam took control of the family business in 2001, reports Live Mint. Vijaypat told Money Control in December 2020 that he did not choose to retire, but was kicked out of the business, adding that giving his son control of it was a mistake. The Economic Times reported that Gautam laughed off the comments, saying you “can’t mistakenly” gift a business to someone.

Father and son have been locked in other long-standing legal battles too, including over JK House, their mansion on the same street as the Ambani family’s famous skyscraper home, Antilia.

Tailoring the business

Raymond Group has long been involved in fabrics and fashion. Photo: @gautamsinghania99/Instagram

Raymond Group is a 97-year-old family business. According to the company’s website, Raymond is primarily a textile and apparel business. However, under Singhania, it has diversified and now has interests in property and engineering. In an interview with Your Story, Singhania explained Raymond Group’s strengths, saying: “An iconic brand is normally built over a long period of time – Raymond has been here for 97 years. It’s seen the ups and it’s seen the downs. That’s what really makes it a brand.”

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He loves cars

If it’s got four wheels and goes fast – or can be adapted to go fast – then Singhania will love it. He is the founder of the first Super Car Club in India, a forum for fellow speed lovers to show off their whips. He also owns a collection of luxury cars, including Ferraris, Lamborghinis and a classic Hot Rod.

Limited booze and healthy living

Gautam Singhania loves to race fast cars. Photo: @gautamsinghania99/Instagram

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Singhania credits his health to his lifestyle, insisting that fitness is a state of mind. In an interview with NDTV, Singhania said everything you do should make you feel fit. He maintains discipline in his daily life by sleeping well, avoiding alcohol and staying active. Singhania said that being a motorsport fanatic has helped him to stay focused and keeps him away from unnecessary distractions in life.

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  • He has vitiligo like singer Michael Jackson, and is in a legal fight with his father over their mansion JK House, down the road from the Ambanis’ Antilia
  • He founded the first Super Car Club in India and owns a collection of luxury cars, including Ferraris and Lamborghinis