Water bottles on your feet: the ultimate tennis souvenirs? Inside the new Rothy’s x Evian sustainable fashion collection – created with recycled bottles from the 2021 US Open

Sustainable fashion brand Rothy’s has launched a tennis-inspired collection created from recycled plastic Evian bottles gathered at last year’s US Open. Photo: Rothy’s
As excitement builds for the US Open in New York later this month, brands are pulling out all the stops.
Rothy’s given Evian water bottles collected at New York’s largest tennis tournament a second life by transforming them into courtside shoes and accessories. Photo: Rothy’s
Sustainable fashion designer Rothy’s Inc. – as worn by Meghan Markle – is launching a tennis-inspired collection made from around 72,000 Evian water bottles collected at last year’s tournament. Two types of trainers, a cap, a visor and three bags are available online and at its New York City stores, released on Tuesday, August 23, with prices ranging from US$75 to US$495.
“A limited-edition release that combines cool, courtside style with our signature washability, this one-of-a-kind collaboration is made with repurposed Evian water bottles collected at New York’s largest tennis tournament,” stated Rothy’s about its new collection. Photo: Rothy’s
Evian, a division of France’s Danone SA and a US Open sponsor, contacted Rothy’s last year about a potential partnership, Rothy’s interim chief marketing officer Tom Herbst said in an interview. “It was a really good fit for us,” he said. “It just so happens that we’re launching this collection when tennis is having a moment.”

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“During the pandemic, we saw a re-emergence of the sport as it was something people could do outdoors from a distance,” Herbst said.

How many water bottles went into each Rothy’s piece? The cap was made from five. Photo: Rothy’s
The US Open will take place from August 29 through September 11. Although Rothy’s isn’t an official sponsor of the tournament, the company is planning a splashy launch event on August 26 to showcase the collection on the rooftop of Rockefeller Center. Tennis players Emma Raducanu, Stan Wawrinka and Tommy Haas are expected to be there, Herbst said.
The racket bag was knit from about 33 bottles. Photo: Rothy’s

Closely held Rothy’s had a valuation of US$1 billion as of December after selling a 49.9 per cent stake to Alpargatas SA, the Brazilian owner of flip-flop sandal maker Havaianas.

The slip-on trainer was created from about 11 bottles. Photo: Rothy’s

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Rothy’s has a proprietary process for weaving thread made from recycled plastic bottles into washable footwear and accessories. It takes 11 to 19 bottles to make a shoe and up to 56 bottles to make a bag.

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  • As excitement builds for the US Open – kicking off on August 29 in New York – Rothy’s has released a cap, a visor, sneakers and bags made from 72,000 recycled plastic bottles
  • Meghan Markle has worn the eco-friendly brand while tennis stars Emma Raducanu, Stan Wawrinka and Tommy Haas are set to appear at the Rockefeller Center launch party