5 of the most expensive superyachts at the Monaco Yacht Show 2022: from late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Tatoosh and the Carinthia VII, to Mia Elise II, Vibrance and Sedative

Vibrance is one of the most expensive superyachts on display at Monaco Yacht Show 2022. Photo: Fraser

Europe’s largest yearly yacht show just kicked off in late September, with dozens of super-expensive vessels mooring up at the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show.

But one boat in particular got everyone talking … This year, late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s superyacht will be featured, on sale for US$90 million. And some of the most expensive yachts on display have private pools, cinemas, wine rooms and gyms. Let’s take a look inside the priciest of the lot …

5. Sedative – US$13 million

The Sedative superyacht is one of the newer options at Monaco Yacht Show. Photo: Fraser

This yacht is newer than most of the yachts on display at the Monaco Yacht Show, having been built in 2020.

The Sedative superyacht is on sale for US$13 million. Photo: Fraser

It includes a swim platform, a bar and a hot tub with a lounge and is on sale for US$13 million. Its back deck includes a large dining area for entertaining guests, according to Fraser.

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4. Vibrance – US$27 million

Vibrance can accommodate up to 12 people. Photo: Fraser

This US$27 million boat sleeps up to 12 people in five staterooms, and has accommodation for 11 crew, according to Fraser.

Vibrance is listed at US$27 million. Photo: Fraser

The yacht has amenities like a spa, gym and a newly built custom hot tub.

3. Mia Elise II – US$38 million

The Mia Elise II superyacht comes with a gym, lift and more. Photo: Superyacht Fan

This US$38 million yacht has a gym, lift, sauna and steam rooms.

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The Mia Elise II superyacht is one of the largest yachts in the world allowed to access the Bahamas. Photo: Superyacht Fan

There is a bar on board, as well as a custom wine cellar. The boat was built in 2012 and retrofitted in 2022. It’s one of the largest yachts in the world capable of accessing the Bahamas, according to Fraser.

2. Tatoosh – US$90 million

Paul Allen’s yacht, Tatoosh, underwent an 11-month makeover. Photo: @nobiskrugsuperyachts/Instagram
Late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s yacht, Tatoosh, will be available for sale this year. It is back on the market after an extensive 11-month retrofit.
The Tatoosh superyacht is equipped with two helicopter pads, a swimming pool and a cinema. Photo: Superyacht Fan

The superyacht includes two helicopter pads, a swimming pool and a cinema. The asking price is US$90 million. The owner’s flat covers two decks. Overall, Tatoosh can fit 19 guests in 11 rooms.

1. Carinthia VII – US$95 million

The Carinthia VII is on sale for US$95 million. Photo: Superyacht Fan

This superyacht has an even higher price point than Tatoosh, at US$95 million.

The Carinthia VII has its own wellness spa on the lower deck. Photo: Superyacht Fan

It spans six decks with an owner’s stateroom, a VIP stateroom, and six additional staterooms, according to Fraser, one of the largest yacht brokers in the world. Carinthia VII also includes a fully equipped wellness spa on the lower deck.

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  • Europe’s annual yacht show has begun, meaning dozens of the world’s most expensive superyachts are on display for millionaires and billionaires to splurge on
  • All eyes are on Paul Allen’s US$90 million Tatoosh, which has a cinema and helicopter pads, while the US$13 million Sedative is one of the newest yachts, built in 2020