Rihanna is hotter than Hong Kong's scorching summer and there's no stopping her. The fashion trailblazer is busier than ever with several high-profile fashion collaborations under her belt, but her latest project sees her in a role that's more than just a pretty face.

The style icon took on a design role in her project with Dior, and has released a range of futuristic-looking sunglasses. The line, simply titled "Rihanna", comes in six metallic colours and features a deluxe pair plated in 24ct gold.

During the design process, Rihanna looked back to pop culture from the late 1980s and early 1990s for inspiration. The sunglasses

are directly inspired by La Forge's VISOR from Star Trek, and makes for one show-stopping collection.

This design project marks the second time Rihanna has collaborated with the design house. Last year, Rihanna was the face of the Secret Garden IV campaign, shot against the lavish backdrop of Versailles.