A complicated mechanism is what makes a watch tick, while the ornament is what makes it shine. Luxury watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre does just that with the opening of an exclusive atelier, the Métiers Rares, devoted entirely to ornamental crafts.

In the Rare Crafts Atelier, around 30 artisans work in their own compartments with wooden workbenches separated by glass panels. The friendly work environment helps with communication between artisans to deliver a range of skills including enamelling, engraving, gem setting and guilloché work, which are included in the three extraordinary new models to celebrate the multiple skills of the atelier.

What makes this space even more intriguing is the showcase of four vintage lathes, among which three guilloché rose engines have been restored and lubricated and an early 20th century pantograph is still running to create engaging motifs on dials.